The Russia is getting more evil thread

Holy shit, one of those videos (the guys seeking shelter in the bombed-out basement) was extremely difficult to watch. I had tears in my eyes. The worst I’ve seen yet. War is hell.

This morning I watched an interview with a man who was a child during the Rape of Nanking. I’d have to agree with your statement.

This is what war is now. There is no hiding in cover, no safe place to catch your breath and regroup. If you don’t have anti-drone technology, you are fucked. You have to assume you are being watched from above at all times, with dozens of cheap drones with grenades ready to be sent to your location.

Yes, more info here:

Well they have a track record of not being able to detect Cessnas

Does make you wonder why we bother with expensive stealth tech.

@ukraine this link may be relevant to your interests. Sorry flying enthusiasts.

I mean, right? “Hey, Cessna, we’d like to place an order. A BIG order…”

Well, the way that modern military radar works, you can’t just detect everything all at once. You have to set up scan setting with certain parameters, otherwise the background noise will make it possible to detect anything at all. You definitely can use radar to track any stealth plane, you just have to have the resolution so high you are picking up birds and everything else, making it impossible to read (or overheat), not to mention active radar means a radar seeking missile heading your way, so you can’t stay on all of the time.

All military radar operators are pretty secretive on how these filtering settings work, but I definitely could see a missile defense tracking system filtering out something slow moving like a Cessna. They might only track smaller slow moving objects they think might be drones.

I would suspect that they do have military radar covering areas like that, as they are at war. Because the plane was a Cessna, it was either moving too slowly to be picked up, or it was being picked up, but it was incorrectly assumed as just a private pilot flight in a very typical size/speed radar signature. I can definitely imagine that the Russian military isn’t very good at communicating with the civilian aviation radar tracking and vice versa.

Pretty fucking hilarious though. Even if this attack never happens again, the Russians are now going to have to treat every “private” flight as a possible threat due to this attack, wasting more time and effort tracking planes.

In the US, wouldn’t one of the civilian ATC folks have picked up a random Cessna flying around with no flight plan?

Actually, that may well be the biggest issue for the Russians, that and the bit @JonRowe points out about the lack of communication between military and civilian authorities. I’m guessing the Russian civilian ATC system is less than optimal to begin with, and also that there is less than efficient collaboration and info sharing between civilian and military authorities and systems.

For the US, or probably most European countries, there are pretty solid systems and procedures in place for coordination between military and civilian air traffic control, at least from what I’ve seen. This allows the civilian systems to track the generally slower moving and far more numerous civilian air traffic, and hand off suspicious stuff to the military, who can focus on more relevant threat vectors. The combination makes for reasonably good coverage I imagine.

Probably? But I am sure this happens all of the time. U.S. Civilian ATC is very good, and very good at notifying the military of odd stuff, but I think an untraced Cessna might go un-noticed for a while, but even so, the ATC would try to contact the plane, and without hearing any response, they would probably hand it off to the military fairly quickly. I could definitely see something like this falling through the cracks, but probably really unlikely to happen in the USA. That would probably be even more improbable if we were currently at war with a neighbor within private plane flight range.

That’s the kicker. I bet you could fly from, say, Louisville to St. Louis without raising too much of a fuss. Now try it somewhere along the southern border, and I bet just due to DEA efforts you’ll get picked up immediately, much less if it were a shooting war.

That is a great point, I didn’t even think of the DEA, they are probably tracking all cross border traffic with a lot of scrutiny.

But, those planes do get through though, there is a lot of air to cover.

“Can we get a discount? We don’t, er, need the seats…”

These are old articles that predate the current ADS-B mandates, but I remember reading such stories of pilots getting nabbed by the Feds because they legally flew their small planes without filing a flightplan. By not filing or speaking to ATC, agent Schrader assumes they’re up to no good so he rounds up his homies to spoil that pilot’s $100 hamburger flight with an hours long detention. So long as you stay out of the busiest air spaces you can legally fly without a flight plan without ever having to talk to ATC.

Fuck her, do the right thing finally, Speaker Johnson.

Either Johnson should do the right thing, which is alien to his nature and his party, or Greene should do the wrong thing (for her party) and proceed with her imbecilic vote. But I expect they will limp along trying to cherish their feeble majority and will jointly and individually do nothing whatsoever.

That pic of MTG shows exactly I think why she does what she does. She’s another malignant narcissist, who has to be the center of attention.

And apparently the GOP is kicking the Ukraine aid can down the road again, surprising no one.