The Russia is getting more evil thread

And so if MTG or someone of her ilk wants to boot Johnson, Dems should let him hang.

Now there is some story out this morning that Johnson secretly agreed to put the senate bill up for a vote?

Edit: this is the article they mentioned, but I haven’t had a chance to dive in

At least some sanctions are working;

If Ukraine keeps hitting refineries, Russian refining could drop off the cliff.

But what about the effect on American elections?


We’ll find out. But if gas prices go crazy this summer, it will not be pretty for Biden’s already poor approval ratings.

Is there much relationship between Russian petroleum refining capacity and gas prices in the US? I’m not saying there isn’t, I just genuinely don’t know.

Well, due to sanctions, not many places outside of Russia and their allies are buying Russian petroleum.

But, if Russian capacity went down, they would look to other sources, like the ones the US and EU buy from, and prices would probably jump.

I believe OPEC policy has had more of an impact on prices than strikes in Russian refineries. OPEC is currently trying to drive prices up, and has been cutting production for months.

It’s global market, it’s going to have an impact.

Drone swarm hitting Russian airfield:

Three days ago RUS had a lot of airplanes there. Would be nice to take a bunch out.

Why the hell would anyone ever listen to or follow this moronic idiot? Even in the R party?

There is no way the Republicans are dumb enough to oust two speakers of the house in two years from their own party.


You’d think so…

No doubt. The question was, how much? That’s what ‘much relationship’ meant.

Reports coming out of 6 planes destroyed, another 8 damaged, 20 personell KIA. A very effective strike, especially considering that some of those planes were also reportedly loaded up with those 500kg glide bombs.

Plus another 24k troops from the Russian occupied territories - heavy losses from that population. Actual total deaths are estimated at over 100k.

I suspect most of those eight damaged will be write offs. I doubt the Russians can effectively repair them. They will probably be cannibalized for spare parts.

How do we reckon that squares with the OSINT data:

8:1 WIA/KIA ratio?

Two other airfields hit: