The Russia is getting more evil thread

In fairness, the Apache were pretty huge dicks to other tribes, like the Comanche, who then totally beat their asses once they got horses.

One of the funniest things about the Comanche is that in some other tribe’s language (I think maybe the Apache), their name means, “People who hates us and who will always hate us”.

Do we have a weapons system named Spirit?

This is the ultimate American. He’s a native with a bald eagle familiar!

Hey, we tried naming a helicopter after them, too!

But maybe not quite as good as we thought based on the heavy losses to their anti-air assets lately.

Not that I’m over here advocating for the US to supply Tomahawks, necessarily, especially with the whole nuclear concern. We’ve been developing new cruise missiles that I don’t think have nuclear variants, like JASSM. But that goes back to the question of if we’re interested in providing our newer stuff to Ukraine. I think those are also air launched missiles, so would be easier to provide after F-16s are in operation.

The name Welsch means foreigner in old anglo Saxon, but they are the guys that the Anglo Saxons displaced.

Of course we do!

Yo Joe!

Meanwhile, the Bradley continues to kick ass

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The Russians emerged from the trees, and for a few chaotic seconds, the two vehicles barreled toward each other while firing their heavy guns — as if they were jousting. A soldier fell from the speeding Russian vehicle. Viktor’s took a catastrophic hit to its targeting system, disabling the main weapon.

“Ram him,” Viktor recalled instructing his driver.

The video is pretty incredible too.

But the May 31 encounter was especially unusual, given the vehicles’ proximity to each other and how brutal it proved. At least two of the Russian soldiers sitting on their armored vehicle, identified as a BTR-82, jumped or fell off during the exchange of fire. Viktor’s vehicle was struck three times.

He ordered the driver to run straight at the Russian vehicle, mindful that he had several tons more steel and armor on his side. The Russians swerved into a patch of grass and the surviving occupants, having lost the game of chicken, scampered into a building, the Ukrainian drone footage shows.

They do seem to enjoy the battle taxi.

Viktor spoke with The Washington Post on the condition that only his first name be published, in accordance with Ukrainian military protocol. In an interview from a hospital where he was recovering from wounds suffered in a separate incident, he praised the Bradley’s armor and the training he received from U.S. troops in Germany this year.

He singled out the vehicle’s armaments, including guided missiles and its 25mm cannon, which can fire armor-piercing rounds about the size of a hot dog. When the rounds strike Russian infantry soldiers, he said, “nothing is left.”

Viktor, who has been in at least 2 vehicle damage incidents in the Bradley, (the jousting match in the video, and a mine explosion) The crew survived and will fight another day. The survivability of the crews is key to how well the are working out.

God bless the US public and our inability to deal with actual measurements.

But seriously, thanks for posting. I think this might be sufficient motivation to give WaPo my email address.

I dunno, I can see some real opportunities here for product placement…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new M-2 Wienermobile!

No, no, it’s the "M-2 Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!

Hopefully they remembered to replace the Bushmaster, which fires hot dog sized rounds, with a lower velocity cannon that fires actual hot dogs. So much more American than a lame t-shirt cannon.

Really, most of the southern states!

I love that half of their scary flotillla is a tug boat, and a fueler.

The US response should be a thank you for wasting all this effort to give us a close up look and lots of signals intelligence. Please proceed. Would you like to cross the Panama canal while you’re here?

It’s the only hope any of the other vessels have for making it home.

Apparently it’s time to apply sanctions that hurt.

Hard to apprehend how influential it is but Russians are panicking. Maybe this will do something important, though it’s obviously less flashy than most types of rockets.

Another thing around Caucasus: Armenia leaves the military alliance with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Armenian leader doesn’t say anything directly about Putin but he says he’ll never stay in the same alliance with Belarus’ leader. And just a few hours later Armenian strategic partnership with USA is now classified as “strategic partnership”.

Together with sudden economic pressure it looks like some sort of mobilization of rusophobic powers.