The Russia is getting more evil thread

Yeah, it’s the sloppy way in which sources are not identified and qualified, by the writer, that gets me more than the sources themselves. We live in an age of many different data streams, so I get that it can’t be (nor should be) like it was necessarily, but you do need I think to clearly indicate and identify your sources–and why they are valuable–to your readers.

I’m sure they’ll claim the sick kids were building drones for the front in their hospital rooms. /s

Or it was really a training center for the Zelensky Youth.

Glad we have so many American’s making excuses for Putin’s regime. The same ones who run for office with campaign signs that say “Protect the Kids”.

Those sick kids’ parents are possibly in the military and they visit sometimes, thus making it a valid military target.

/s (unless this was the Israel thread, then people would probably say it with a straight face)

I mean, war is on the whole terrible all around. Attacking a hospital for kids is a stretch even for the most inventive apologists one would think.

It’s the usual explanation, the Ukrainians blew it themselves.

Though some Russian patriotic channels are questioning why doesn’t Russia make the second strike after the help arrived on site and people walked out of the building.

Most horrible timeline where countries are bombing hospitals. I hate this :frowning:

I don’t question their callous targeting of civilian centers, but I also think Kiev must be layered in GLONASS spoofers and jammers, so I do hesitate to infer specific target choices based on what got blown up.

That is true. There is probably no way of knowing, short of Russian statements about it, whether or not the hospital was the target. When Russian tourists on the beach in Crimea were killed the other day, it was because Ukrainian drones or missiles got shot down and the debris fell on the beach, I think; the people are just as dead, but the implications are vastly different than if Ukraine targeted the beach, like the Russians tried to claim.

I also saw that potentially part of one of the Russian missiles that intercepted it fell onto the beach too. Not that it was the primary thing that did, those were cluster munitions from the missile that got shot down. And despite them being civilians, I struggle to sympathize much with people who decided to vacation in an occupied warzone, especially so close to a frequent military target like Sevastopol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those people deserved to die. I’m pretty firmly in the camp of thinking every life lost in this war is tragic. Victims caught in Putin’s machine of death.

I agree. At some point, choosing to vacation in a warzone is, well, on you.

It’s apathy more than bravery. The Russian government pretends everything is fine and there’s no danger, they want people to go to Crimea. It’s an artificially cultivated infantilism.

As a modern joke goes: “Do you know to which death camp they’re taking us?” “Nah, I’m not interested in politics”.

More Russian tank problems:

Honestly, the way tanks are being used by Russia (and to some extent, Ukraine) in this war, a T-62 may well be a more cost-effective solution. It seems an open question whether the cost and complexity of a more modern, fully-equipped MBT would be worth it when the tanks are being used essentially like T-34s And SU-85s in WWII.

It seems to be an escalation of an existing campaign. I think there were people, especially in the State Department who were fully convinced that the Russians weren’t gonna stop in 2014, and that Minsk was just a way to buy time, but I think it’s equally obvious that those people weren’t listened to, to the extent that they should’ve been.

I think the idea still was “Oh, it’s just a Czech arms depot and a Bulgarian arms dealer, what do we care?”. Now it’s German arms dealers, and we care.

Does the Pentagon really think it can get a new missile developed and mass produced in time to help Ukraine? I’m awfully skeptical.

There was a time when it could be done, but not sure they will get it done now.

If Trump is elected he will kill the program.

Not necessarily. Another possibility, defense contractor lobbyist butter Trump up and he keeps the program going.

But yeah, overall Ukraine is in big trouble if Trump wins. I hope Europe is capable of really stepping it up.

Fixed that for ya.