The Russia is getting more evil thread


Note it is the Daily Mail which is the British equivalent of Fox “news” they just make shit up. So I would wait till confirmed by an actual news source.


Nifty twitter thread, and it brought me this useful image which I will save for later reference.



Still not sure what to make of this story.


Pretty sure that story came out in 2017… not sure why no one payed attention, other than the constant stream of shit coming out of the whitehouse.


Story first came out in 2016, and I dismissed it in the Secret CIA Source thread. Many others dismissed it when it first came out. I’m a little surprised that this New Yorker story shows so many resources used to follow it up, but not surprised that they haven’t found anything concrete. What is really missing is a plausible pair of human participants that would see this as a desirable channel for communication.


The DeVos connection is new from my recollection of the original story. That definitely introduces someone possible on this end… Betsy’s brother, Erik Prince.



Authoritarians gonna auth’.


How on earth is it possible that enough delegates will vote for a Putin crony? How does that occur? What a joke.


The other frontrunner may have been female?


Or had emails coming out of their whatever.


My question exactly. My guess is Russia paid off a bunch of countries, mostly other dictatorships and banana republics. Granted, while republicans run this country, America should not lead Interpol either. trump and anyone connected to him is untrustworthy and tainted.


Yeah, interpol had a ton members which are, as Trump would say, “shithole countries” that are entirely corrupt dictatorships. Putin basically just had to bribe their dictators, likely not even that much money.

It’s exactly this kind of thing though, that makes me scoff at the notion of international legal organizations.

We elect our government. We don’t elect the governments of all those other countries… And as such, i don’t really give a fuck what their governments think.


I never really thought about it that way, but it makes sense. Russia has already tried to use Interpol to have dissident voices silenced (see: Bill Browder), so this only means that if a corrupt head of Interpol comes into place, it means that all democratic / civil rights supporting nations will have to start ignoring Interpol, which completely renders it useless.




Hey, chalk another one up for “The world isn’t yet complete shit”!


Let’s not forget the reason that Interpol needed a new president was because the last one disappeared in China.


Yay world




The world managed to not do the dumbest thing and we celebrate. This is where we are now.