The Russia is getting more evil thread


Early reports coming in suggesting that Russia has fired on and captured 3 Ukrainian naval vessels.




Thanks, David, for the clarification that we’re dealing with Russia (🇷🇺) and Ukraine (🇺🇦) and not some other Russia and Ukraine that might be trying to get in the spotlight by staging a war of their own.


I thought it was Prussia and Belarus at first, so the emojis helped.


No, you have it wrong. It is Austria and Serbia. Get it straight!


Who can keep up with these squabbles between the Kurgans and the Tatars.


I have diarrhea.



Hey, oil prices aren’t going to recover by themselves!


The Kurgan will always win



Brilliant thread (keep reading past Slovenia)


Ukraine has imposed martial law following the capture of its naval vessels. Seems iffy to me, given that they didn’t do so during either the Crimea annexation or the “civil” war, and elections are coming up. That said, the parliament did also set a firm date for elections after the end of the martial law period. Doesn’t seem like it would take much for that date to keep slipping, though.


To be fair, those render as the national flags on the Twitter site itself. Still not necessary.


Does this go here?


Since the wisdom thread is broken:



About to deliver a long promised solid to Putin.


I see what you did there, Lindsey.


Lindsey needs some help!