The Russia is getting more evil thread


US imposes new sanctions on Russian companies and individuals, including Manafort’s former business partner and current nemesis Oleg Deripaska.


According to Newsweek, Russian TV is telling its viewers to get ready for nuclear war with the U.S.A.

I know there’s a big difference between civil defense and actual offense, and there is a difference between propaganda aimed at the masses and what actual decision-makers are deciding.

But 1) this is a little disconcerting. 2) No one wants or needs a nuclear war. 3) Especially if these Russkies are better prepared for it than us godfearing red-blooded Americans. 4) I am kind of impressed at the emergency preparedness described here. This sounds much more helpful and detailed than Rumsfeld and Cheney’s “buy duct tape” advice back in the early '00s.


So will an EMP still damage stuff that’s turned off? Asking for a friend.


Not as much as the wall of fire that comes after it



Yes, it’ll generally destroy any non-shielded electronics.


Does anyone know what kind of shielding Zuckerberg’s circuitry has?


Devin Nunes says he does, but that it’s classified Super Duper Mega Secret


But hey, the Russians are good people, just misunderstood. Our fearless leader tells us so.


Nunes’s is pretty much guaranteed to get re elected since his district is like a slice of Texas in the the Central Valley of California. So the best we can hope for is for Dems to retake the House, boot his ass off of the HPSCI, and perhaps call him before the very same committee he chaired and grill his ass about Trump/Russia-gate?


I live in Nunes District. He does have decent competition this time but yea, there really is no chance he will lose.


Just for clarification, can we mess with people in your district, or does that fall under the Texas rule as well?


I wouldn’t say this district is like Texas, although we do have one of the largest rodeo’s here every April.

Nune’s district covers a lot of Ag territory, only a little of the big city. Mostly smaller ag oriented areas covering a lot of real estate. It is, considering California was set up by the Dems, an area set aside for a republican.


Russia knew a gas attack was coming before it happened.


This is fine. Putin can just do whatever the hell he wants and Trump will keep up his lapdog status.


Again, though, the real problem isn’t even Trump as much as it is the Republican Party which has sold what little soul it had for whatever bits of power it can hold on to, and refuses to acknowledge that there is anything amiss. It’s not even that the GOP demonized their opponents so well that the electorate bought it, they also drank their own KoolAid.


A spokesman for Russia’s defence ministry accused the UK of being involved in staging the attack

The UK hard left. (tonights “Stop The War” demo)

STW is in quotes because they are a pro-Putin and Assadist front who have only protested about bombing once in 5 years of Russian and Syrian air campaigns. They protested about the US bombing those empty aircraft shelters. They have vigoursly supported Assad to the point of attacking Syrian refugees like Hassan Akkad. STW pulled out at last minute of facing Hassan in an interview on tonights Ch4.

UK hard left socialmedia is gripped in Pro-Putin conspiracy theories. It’s an embarrassment, they are word for word mirroring their far right counterparts, like PJW at Infowars. The far right, Breitbarts, Infowars etc are heavily biased towards Assad and Putin.

People need to read and understand the impact of this:

We have Katie Hopkins (far right media figure) boosting hard left Assadist propagandists like Vanessa Beeley, and PJW and Max Blumenthal singing from the same hymnsheet. the Syncretic Networks are all so transparent right now and so interesting to watch when you can join the dots up.


Does anyone really think Russia is going to war with the US over Syria?


The Russian people.


If we had a rational, intelligent person in the White House I’d scoff, but Trump is as stable as FOOF, and far more dangerous.