The sad death of Ondrej Leslie in State of Decay

Title The sad death of Ondrej Leslie in State of Decay
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When June 5, 2013

State of Decay, a supposedly open-world zombie survival sandbox, doesn't seem very sandboxy at first. Two buddies are coming back from a camping trip only to discover the zombie apocalypse happened while they were out of range of cell phone service..

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This sounds so good.

I don't know how accurate this is anymore but what I read earlier on in the development is that this is meant to be a prelude to a zombie mmo. Either way, it looks really promising.

There is a 2 year old thread but Project Zomboid is another interesting zombie game.

I set up my 360 to download it while I'm at work.

Will this be on PC? sounds awesome!

Dammit, like I needed yet another game in my queue. But I can't very well turn away from something like this!

"The back door was the only way in."
I'll keep that in mind, Mr. Chick. *snicker*

"So as I headed off [to] check out a trailer park"
"I dropped off the bundle of construction supplies [at?] the supply locker"

DAMMIT Tom, and your engrossing write-ups! Wallet Threat Level - Tom Chick Game Diary!

Amazing read but how the heck do you pronounce 'Ondrej'?

I'm imagining that it's like Andre. I'm probably wrong.

Are you going to do an offical review? Seems there are literally only two reviews for this game right now. IGN and OXM. Maybe everyone wanted to wait for the TLOU review frenzy to die down...

But great write up by the way

That's how I read it too.

So he died cause you guys forgot to close the back door? So sad...

Dude, you're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to say, "It's not your fault. There was nothing you could do."

Yep, I'll definitely review it once I've spent more time with it!

There is a PC version in the works, but I don't think it has an official ETA yet.

Except close the back door!

Every zombie movie fan knows this simple truth: "The cellar is the safest place" ;)

How much space does this require? I have one of those old 20GB 360s, so I'm constantly shuffling stuff around based on whether or not I can still re-download it from XBL. My copy of Hexic is still on the HD because there's no way I can re-download it.

Takes about 1.8GB (according to XBLA anyway).