The Scalebound Cancellation Thread


That really sucks because that was the free game I chose as part of an Xbox One purchase I made years ago. I hope Microsoft lets me substitute another game of equal value which was $60.


There are rumors there was lots of MS interference in the development process.


One of the rumors is they pushed the co-op. Who knows.

For anyone curious, the other products they mention in the press release above are (probably) Japan-only. One is an RPG from a mobile series and one is a mobile strategy game. Nothing to be concerned about.


That wouldn’t surprise me, it just didn’t seem like an “Xbox game” based on what I saw in the press materials. Leading them to either fix it or end it . . .


Well, I spent about an hour on the phone (was transferred 3 times) trying to substitute another game for Scalebound with the $50 promotional discount that I originally purchased it with and got no where. Goddamn motherfuckers.


I have to say it consistently impresses me how uninteresting the MS published games are for me, with the single exception of Forza Horizon series. They don’t have a single game announced or released in the past five years that would interest me. Scalebound has always looked really bad from what I have seen of it too.

What I am saying is that I wish times of Motocross Madness, Age of Empires, Midtown Madness, Crimson Skies, Rallisport Challenge…were back.


Fair enough, but you could be cherry-picking a bit or pining for the PC days. For every Crimson Skies, PGR, or Forza on Xbox there was a Brute Force and a Bloodwake. And a Whacked. And a Blinx 2. And a Fuzion Frenzy. And an Inside Pitch. The console exclusives have always been hit or miss.

Fun fact: Did you know Midtown Madness 3 was made by DICE? I sure didn’t.


Well, yes. I listed games I owned and played back then personally. Never even heard of those you listed. I do consider MS’s output kinda shit (though there are exceptions) ever since they cancelled Loose Cannon due to their refocusing on living room.

I had no idea MM3 was by DICE, but then I never played it. I know the first two were by Angel Studios who are now doing Red Dead games.


Somewhere, Dave Halverson just spontaneously orgamsed thinking about Voodoo Vince, though.


He ain’t the only one.


As I remember the story, Halverson loved Voodoo Vince so much that even the developers were a little freaked out by it.

At the very least, I always got my subscription’s worth of entertainment out of Play magazine. . .


OK maybe I don’t love it that much. But I am pretty stoked about its rerelease. And those of you without an Xbox will be lucky enough to try it out on PC! What good fortune!


I tricked myself into enjoying Bloodwake for a while.


Heck, I kinda liked Whacked.


Platinum Games producer JP Kellams is leaving the studio.

15 years ago, I came to Japan to fulfill my childhood dream of making games with my heroes," he said. "No matter how hard the day, I always walked into the office in awe of the creativity around me, and with the joy that working with each and every one of my coworkers brought me. It is hard to say goodbye to them, to PlatinumGames, and to Japan. Yet, embracing new challenges is part of my DNA, and after almost 10 years of working with the team (more with my Capcom/Clover days), it is time to move on to new challenges that I’m excited to share soon. I’ll be forever grateful to all people who have touched this journey, because they’ve shaped who I am.

Platinum maintains its luster forever.[/quote]


I wonder what role he played in Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and Transformers: Devastation. Being that those are my favorite Platinum games, unless he played a crucial role in their development, I’ll not worry too much about future efforts.

Based on what I can find in Google, I don’t have much to be concerned about.


I really, really hate Microsoft. They refused to refund me the $50 gift code I spent preordering this game in addition to wasting hours of my time calling multiple times on the telephone. If I could completely sever my connection to MS I would, but I still need their fucking operating system to play games.


That doesn’t seem legal.


I really don’t know what to do, I guess taking legal action would cost more than the $50.


So they took your money and gave you nothing for it? Could you file a complaint maybe with the FTC?