The Secret in Their Eyes

I don’t see any topics in the search, and it’s been opening stateside. If it’s playing anywhere near you now, by all means go see it. It is by far the best film I’ve seen this year. I cannot think of a single thing wrong with it. Well, unless you don’t like reading subtitles. I didn’t feel anything was missing in the English translation; even the wit was intact.

I would feel guilty spoiling anything, so for now I’ll just say that it captures each character’s passion perfectly. Some of them are horrifying, one or two are beautiful.

The Ebert review doesn’t give away too much, but more by the paragraph obviously.

I think its one of the only movies from my country that i can stand to watch :|

Well I think you can be proud of this one.

Saw it a few weeks ago. It was great.

Heh guess im too used to Hollywood movies, but this one and 9 Reinas (9 queens) also with Ricardo Darin are one of the few movies i like.

I always know there’ll be great a ending when watching a European or South American film. The whole way thru I was trying to figure out what it could be and yet I was still unprepared for it. The 2nd ending was very nicely done too.

There was a really funny moment too, somewhere in the middle. After they broke into the mother’s house to get the letters and they got a dressing down by their superior, that was so funny it made me laugh until my chest hurt!

A great film all around. A very artful look at how singular moments shape your future without realizing it.

Hadn’t heard this one before, but just added it to my Netflix queue and bumped it to #1.

Oh, I’d forgotten about this thread. There’s a more recent one with actual discussion floating around here somewhere.