The Secret World: calling in reinforcements

Title The Secret World: calling in reinforcements
Author Tom Chick and Chris Hornbostel
Posted in Game diaries
When November 13, 2013

Tom: While Secret World is uniquely suited to solitaire play -- at least at a thematic level -- it doesn't always work out that way in terms of gameplay. The scenarios, for instance. But even in the wider world, it's nice to have a sidekick. Or be a sidekick..

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Yeah, lairs are endgame content as I understand it.

Tom, does your girlfriend know you're cheating on her? With a transgender Snake?

That's the roughest case of Phantom Crotch Dagger (PCD) I've seen yet.

There's a movie to be made from that screenshot.

"However,[ ]I feel like the game"
"along[ ]–[ ]although"
"we did far more tha[n] either of us would’ve managed solo"
"missed…[ ]but"
" I [kept] hitting difficulty spikes where I died"