The Secret World

A search for this on our forums didn’t turn up anything.

This is a new MMO that Funcom is working on. Today they sent out emails with a test to see which society you would best fit into. Taking the test might net you a beta spot.


I belong to the Templars cuz I hate evil. The game sounds pretty interesting overall. Some new ideas in there at least.

Try here :).

Bah, I’m deducting points for not using the game’s name in the thread title.

I signed up as a Dragon. Looks pretty neat…an MMO based on conspiracy-theory stuff. Course I thought Hellgate looked awesome too, so what do I know?

Hey, dummy, the game is called Secret World. Dark Days are Coming is the name of their teaser site.

Yeah, me too (on both counts). Everything is roses when it’s hype but when you get down and play it, well then the shiny-shiny is lost.

Apparently the the vast majority of people who signed up picked Dragon. I guess katanas make everything cooler, huh?

Asian Power…

What a surprise, a side vs. side game with a population imbalance.

Well, the way the other two factions are described you wind up being corporate weasels or uptight inquisitors.

Oh good, another barrier to ever seeing a sequel to Dreamfall.

Huh? The Secret World is what I called this thread because it is the game name. The link was directly from Funcom. That’s what they call their website. Don’t blame me. What did I get wrong?

Dragon wins by virtue of being neither GI Joe or COBRA.

I only went with Dragon since that’s what it recommended for me. :) Apparently we’re all going to be scheming against one another!

He thinks you were being sarcastic to yourself about the thread title, and that you didn’t know you got it right.

[in other words: he didn’t realise you started the thread and that you were referring to the other thread]

Who did, the dummy?

Shut up and pay your subscription.

Thanks Spect.
Of course I’m expecting to be disappointed like all those sad AoC fanboys.
But I can’t help it: I am so excited. I’m looking to transfer my WoW addiction and so far nothing has measured up.

According to the test, I’m a blue-blooded Templer. Die Dragon scum!

While I mostly feel to be “done” with MMOs there are some that pique my interest. Got to admid they are mostly from Funcom. But the last hype I fell for was Age of Conan and that was seariously flawed and just could not keep me. The setting and lore for this one at least is something I find intriguing and i am looking forward to find out how this will all work.

Oh and I am gonna cut a road of bloody vengence through all the heathens, when me and my Templar brothers will cleanse the world of evil and Decay! Onward!

Haven’t seen much of the game yet, but their CG teaser movies are fantastic. The third one in the bathroom is particularly awesome.


I played Conan recently, with an ‘anniversary’ key from Eurogamer, and it’s actually the one MMO I’ve played that I sort of want to go back to. The sense of place in the re-worked game was brilliant even if content was a little on the short side and PvP unbalanced to the point that even the heaviest melee character was a squishy free kill for a mage up to twenty levels below them and much less skilled thn them, although if I hadn’t been a Cimmerian melee character I would feel differently. Most interesting system, by far the best areas both for starting and later.

So I have high hopes for this game.