The serious business of making games


Sorry, just tired of some people here being so incredible cynical and thinking the worst about people all the time (especially when not called for).


The point I was making (sarcastically) is that the grovelling for money and influence doesn’t magically go away when you get bought by a publisher. Well, sometimes it does for a little while until existing projects are done. But eventually you have to make all the same presentations and justifications to some exec who wants to know why you should get development and marketing money instead of Halo 32.

It’s possible that Fargo will no longer have to deal with it and if so that’s great for him. But somebody will.


Fargo demoting himself to designer/developer doesn’t seem likely.


I understand…

I can’t speak for others, but when I see these big houses buying others, my response usually measures between mixed and disappointment, depending on who does the buying. I don’t blame them and sure, I am bet resources like money are a part of the reason they are selling, I am not going to blame the studio for that, I am just wondering if that is really the “dream” result so much as hey this is where we’re today, and I hope this gives us a chance to do whatever it is but I feel sad for them if they really would have preferred the solo act and just couldn’t do it.


Well I can see an honest appraisal where this is the dream. Not nessecarially he being bought out, but more along the lines of ‘the realities of what my job are take me away from what I’m best at and most enjoy. Being bought gives a financial stability that allows me to do more of what I’m passionate about’. And I can totally see how ‘being able to do more of what I’m passionate about’ would be the dream for someone after time.

I mean he could be blowing smoke, or he could be honestly realizing that he would never be able to dedicate himself to what he’s best at and enjoys most in their current situation.

Grass isn’t always greener and all that.


That makes sense i guess. I suppose i figured if most wanted that route they would have pursue employment to begin with but if someone wants to dabble on their own but then changed their mind after that experience… yeah okay.


You mean this green grass?


And to be clear, I’m not claiming any insight or anything into this. Merely postulating that his statement that this is his dream may have truth to it, and that It may have nothing to do with the action of being bought out.

Or it could be a line. I have no ability or interest in judging.


Which I appreciate. Your alternate pitch make sense at least.


It is not uncommon for developers to get acquired even at lower than market value just so they can focus on making games & serving customers instead of worrying about payroll, healthcare, partner relations, vendors. Yes its a huge hassle.

I know it often (ok usually) ends badly as bigger companies have surprisingly little idea how to manage acquired creative teams. That said it sometimes works, I am happy for Brian Fargo. I hope it works out for him and the team there.



As Smed has said this is bullshit.

And on a personal note I find this pseudo corporate bullshit statement from daybreak particularly offensive.

The full statement from Daybreak can be found below:

“We are optimizing our structure to ensure we best position ourselves for continued success in the years to come. This effort has required us to make some changes within the organization and we are doing everything we can to support those impacted in this difficult time.”

“As we look to improve efficiencies and realign resources, we remain focused on supporting our existing games and development of our future titles.”

Its people they just put out of work they are describing here.

SOE purchased and becomes Daybreak Game Company

That’s too bad. I had such high hope for Daybreak Games, once.

It’s a really hard time of year to lose a job. I hope they get some measure of hope and have a good chance moving forward.


I guess this belongs here as well.


@Draxen posted a very interesting link on the Rebel Galaxy thread


As an aside, I keep thinking about starting EQ up again.


Basically you take the numbers from an achievement, and reverse calculate how many players there are for that game. I’m not sure why this is a thing now, wasn’t someone doing this before?

Anyway, here’s the site in question compiling all the numbers so far:


Previously they were only giving percentages I believe. But now if they give a hard number, then you can combine the two to get the number of players that ever powered on the game. Which isn’t necessarily the same as “players” or “buyers” but unless it was part of a PS Plus freebie promotion it should be pretty close.


Oh, this is awesome. Combined with last summer’s leak of accurate rather than estimated Steam player counts, it’s possible to cross-check the 25/25/50 rule of thumb for PC/Xbox/PS4 sales.

Here’s the intersection excluding games that were free on a platform at some point, where the new PS4 data is region-specific, or where the game was previous gen and just remastered for PS4.

Game PS4 PC Factor
Dark Souls III 4.6M 3.3M 1.4x
Dirt 4 745k 270k 2.7x
Doom 3.9M 3.1M 1.25x
F1 2017 1M 390k 2.5x
Metro 2033 Redux 1.6M 2M 0.8x
No Man’s Sky 4M 1.4M 2.85x
Project Cars 2.5M 1M 2.5x
Prey 1M 700k 1.42x
Resident Evil 7 6M 660k 9x
Rise of the Tomb Raider 3.8M 2.4M 1.58x
Rocket League 22.6M 10.1M 2.23x
Thief 2M 1.3M 1.5x
Wolfenstein II 1.4M 550k 2.5x

Especially given the 6 months of extra sales in those PS4 numbers, it does look like the proportion of PC sales is bigger than the rule of thumb would have suggested. (Except maybe driving games?)


Wait, did Fallout 76 seriously sell 400K on PS4? So its total sales are very likely under a million?


Yes, almost certainly under 1M across all platforms.

The article speculates that there could be some kind of data delay involved which would distort the results for recently released games. But it’s over a month after release of F76, so that seems unlikely to matter.