The serious business of making games

Didn’t Dante Alighieri write about ‘monetization designers’ in Inferno? It has been a while since I read it.

Canto 21; I think they are in the 5th bolgia.

BOTW 2 or Prime 4 would get my money for a Switch Pro, that’s for sure.

A long oral history of Guitar Hero and the co-developers, Harmonix and RedOctane.

Game hardware-related, but thought it was interesting and there was nowhere better to put it.
Controller Drift Fix Mod Promises to Fix the Problem for Good | TechRaptor

EA got hacked



Hah, I was thinking something along the lines of “How can they tell it wasn’t FIFA 2011 code?” but that works better.

If they’ve leaked personal data, they are super fucked.

Aren’t CDPR the victims here? They’re not the ones leaking anything, it’s stolen data being used to try extort them.

I believe that’s correct.

I’m also confused by the “super fucked” comment. Surely GDPR doesn’t punish the victim of theft?

Depends on what they do after. If you don’t disclose a data breach in a timely manner, there are penalties. Also, CDPR is a listed company, so they’d have securities law issues as well.

Aren’t there also penalties if it’s determined the data wasn’t securely stored/protected? That’s another potential problem for CDPR.

I believe so, yes, though I’m not sure that’s ever been materially enforced. I’m also not sure how it works for employer/employee data specifically.

Yeah, I’m not saying CDPR is going to be liable. Just explaining that being the victim of a hack doesn’t mean you can’t be liable.

They definitely disclosed the breach and ransomware attack in February, and have now disclosed that as of last week they’ve seen the data being offered for sale, and have determined based on that that it is possible the data contains employee information.

Seems pretty timely.