The serious business of making games

Dunkey’s opinions are usually pretty good, he has shifted towards a bit more “critical” content lately, putting out reviews of games in more serious videos.

A long way from LOL meme videos of the past.

I think it is probably a great opportunity for an indie dev with similar tastes and ideas to him, to partner with someone who “gets” what you are trying to do.

It was a little “cringe” that he mentioned he wanted to be hands on with the dev, which is what a lot of indie devs don’t like about most publishers, but I guess we will see how that works.

This is untrue. Any person making a living on Youtube has business experience. You have to create your own LLC or some entity, he sells merch on a website, he definitely has some practical business experience.

Even if all he does is give “make it more like the games that I enjoy” advice, if he also provides publicity and funding, hey, why not?

Hope you like Mario games.

Eh, maybe. I feel like that’s a very different type of business.

Either way though, I don’t wanna sound real down on the guy. I applaud him giving it a shot. Who knows, he might pull it off.

One thing that kind of bugged me, was that he was listing all these games that he liked, kind of like he was saying, “I totally discovered these games,” but they were all pretty much indie games that were universally acclaimed. So it made it like, “I’m gonna make games which are like the good games everyone likes!”

That can’t be worse than “I’m taking this franchise you all love and shoving RMT/lootboxes/whatever in it because I love money!”.

Yup, I was just coming to whisper the name Bobby Kotick.

This is true… anyone who pushes back against the industry monetization practices is good.

The indie publisher that’s impressed me the most the last few years has been Annapurna. They really seem to know how to foster indie talent and give them the time and money and resources they need. Hopefully Dunkey will be like them! :)

(Other ones that come to mind are Curve, Devolver, Humble Bundle and Team 17. All have had lots of good games released in the last few years).

Maybe. I’d hazard that running a profitable YouTube channel (even one with 7 million followers) is a far cry from overseeing all the different units involved in making a video game.

I hope this goes well for him; if it were me, I’d stop at “branding” and hand things off to an experienced executive. I love Dunkey’s accent, his sense of humor, and his appreciation for the medium. I’m not sure I’d want to work for him.

I think people are conflating publishing and development. I would suspect this is going to be very similar to yogscast games, where they publish games from indie devs and promote them on their channels by playing them on twitch and youtube.

It can be much, much worse.

The post-mortem on this company afterwards should be pretty good, anyway.

I mean, both businesses basically revolve around marketing to the same set of people.

Publisher has a pretty big project management aspect too of course, and it gets very expensive when that goes wrong.

Yeah! I can only speak to their catalog, but to me they’re like the A24 of games. I at least pay attention to anything they put out.

Yeah, one day there will be a fascinating story about how Annapurna Interactive was more successful at its mission than Annapurna Pictures.

Every time I see Annapurna’s name I have to convince my brain not to read it as

(Anna Puma, and Una Puma, of Dominion Tank Police)

Shit, I didn’t even know they had a different division that did film. Looking at their releases there’s both great ones and some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Their list of releases pretty much looks like hits all the way down. That Terminator movie was supposedly pretty bad, I guess.

I guess I shouldn’t have said “successful at its mission” because they’ve released a lot of good films–and I assume that’s their mission. They’ve also reportedly been in dire financial straits, and that’s after having been bankrolled by Larry Ellison (Megan Ellison, his daughter, is the CEO of Annapurna).

“These days I feel like I play nearly every game that comes out… I play so many games that my first name is ‘video game’, okay? I understand what kind of ideas always work, what ideas never work, what kind of ideas are fresh or need to come back and what is extremely played out.”

is he serious? yes he is!

Ive checked out this guys videos before since my nephews send them to me on discord (for the memes!)… hes a clever guy but hes far from any authority on gaming… he seems to have grown a hugeass ego in the last few years…and its not surprising considering his ‘reviews’ get like 4+ million views each. Something to take notice! But if you look at the games he reviews… there’s hardly ANY indie games, its all the same AAA dreck ppl on twitter scream about. I dont need somebody to tell me the latest Sony exclusive is so damn good. jeezus… we already have crappy IGN and the Kotakus for Sonys propaganda!

regardless i think the guys a moron … its like that other guy thinking he can make the best BR game ever made… dr disrespect…so much hubris makes my head spin! SO MUCH SPINNING!

Imagine thinking that playing huge numbers of finished games means you can be an authority on unfinished games, prototypes, or early pitches