The serious business of making games

Me too, I was just having a joke about common first-week dev student delusions persisting into adulthood. :)

Xbox Cloud Gaming competitor Google Stadia shutting down (

Smallest surprise ever.

It’s cool that they’re refunding everyone.

Imagine having sales so low you can just be like, “eh, just refund everyone everything”.

Refunds? Let me think. Hmm…


As spotted by Tweaktown, Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defence (CADE) recently approved Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and in outlining its rationale shared some pretty interesting tidbits – including how much cash Microsoft’s game subscription service raked in last year.

Breaking down how much Xbox Game Pass earns on consoles compared to some rivals, CADE revealed that the service generated $2.9 billion in 2021 alone. According to CADE, that information was provided by Microsoft itself.

As the chart below shows, that’s significantly more than rivals EA and Nintendo earned from their own subscription options – although it should be noted that both companies offer different propositions to Game Pass, which provides access to an expansive library of first and third party content.

That seems high. As Tweaktown points out, they went from 15 million subscribers in Aug 2021 to 18 million in March 2022, so I don’t know, if I plug in 16 million users, that’s $181.25 per year from 16 million subscribers to get 2.9 billion dollars. That’s about $15.10 per month. That’s really high! I thought most people would be using the loophole to get that figure down a lot.

(I guess I shouldn’t have plugged in only 16 million users, it must have been higher on average over the year. But still, that means most people pay full price for Game Pass?)

We don’t know that the number only includes subscriptions. Game Pass gives users discounts as well, its entirely possible such purchases are counted as Game Pass revenue.

This seems unlikely.

Maybe they book some of the extra $10/mo from Xbox All Access in GamePass and not hardware? I would believe most buy GamePass Ultimate and don’t do the workaround, though.

It’s just shit original reporting, being regurgitated by other lazy journalists. The clearly isn’t just Game Pass revenue. Mostly likely it also includes Xbox Live Gold.

For example, the table this claim is based on also says that Sony has 40-50% market share in “Serviços de assinatura de múltiplos jogos para consoles” while Microsoft has 30-40%. PS Now is not larger than Game Pass, so this actually has to be PS Plus + PS Now vs. Xbox Live Gold + Game Pass.

Maybe it includes the money from ingame microtransactions or DLC from games played via gamepass?

Yes, it includes Gold.

Are folks still buying regular Xbox live? That seems weird since you can get gamepass for the same price, although I guess it requires banking it up front.

I would assume there are just tons of people auto-renewing Xbox Live Gold.

Netflix just bought Spry Fox (Cozy Grove, Road Less Taken).

That’s cool! My son really liked “Minecraft Story Mode”, and I confess “Bandersnatch”… got me.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Netflix has ported a couple of games to mobile, too, for those who might have missed it. Into The Breach, for example, was a great little game that Netflix Games brought to mobile. That seems to be games space they’re eyeing.

I actually thought about that when the news was posted above. I’ve been vaguely interested in Cozy Grove, had it on my Xbox wishlist for a while waiting for a sale. That happened a few weeks ago, but by then I decided I’d rather have it for my Steam Deck, so I’ve got it on my wishlist there- it seems more like the kind of thing I’d play on a handheld, checking in when I have time, etc. But hey, a mobile version on my phone or tablet, that’s free with my Netflix sub like Into the Breach? Sweet.