The serious business of making games

Yes! This one in particular seems to persist even with professionals to a degree. Need to be ever vigilant!

I don’t get all the hullaballoo. Person is going to attempt to be a games publisher, thinks he can do it better than many people who have done it before because he plays games and likes games.

Person attempts thing, possibly in the misguided belief that he knows better than other people, might work, might blow up in his face, news at 11!

And it’s only games. I can think of several highly visible “I know better than other people” people doing stuff far more serious than publishing games, and it blowing up in other people’s faces.

I don’t know. I puts me in mind of the recently-deceased Jean Luc Goddard, the famed film director who started his career as a film critic. He basically thought ‘hey, I watch loads of movies, I know what makes them good. I should make moves’. Not that I particularly want to defend some rando YouTuber I’ve never heard of*, but geez, sometimes you guys.

*(which, really, is all of them- streamers are something I just don’t get).

Yeah I also don’t understand. They are going to try to be just another small indie publisher. Ok. Good luck, I guess.

There are precedents, by the way:

I think is being so talked because the wording using by dunkey in his video. Which, if you know his comedic style, it shouldn’t be surprising.

It’s not like he promised to publish the biggest masterpiece ever, Knack 3.

He better get on it! I don’t think sony is going to.

One the one hand, it’s great to have the freedom to try to be anything you want; on the other, not that pleb, he should stay on his lane and not aspire to create something.

We’ve moved deeper into iteration as a core part of the process we teach, too. Scrum and agile product management as well.

I believe in Dunkey.

Running a massively successful YouTube channel with constant content output at a consistently high level is no small feat in the production department.

He has excellent taste, too. He doesn’t just repeat the most recent bandwagon ideas, he has consistent support for niche titles that do interesting things well.

I like him a lot, and I hope he succeeds!

You just like him because your name rhymes.

It does more than rhyme!

DoomMunky → DoomMunky → Dunkey

What aren’t you telling us, “@DoomMunky”??

Me too, I was just having a joke about common first-week dev student delusions persisting into adulthood. :)

Xbox Cloud Gaming competitor Google Stadia shutting down (

Smallest surprise ever.

It’s cool that they’re refunding everyone.

Imagine having sales so low you can just be like, “eh, just refund everyone everything”.

Refunds? Let me think. Hmm…


As spotted by Tweaktown, Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defence (CADE) recently approved Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and in outlining its rationale shared some pretty interesting tidbits – including how much cash Microsoft’s game subscription service raked in last year.

Breaking down how much Xbox Game Pass earns on consoles compared to some rivals, CADE revealed that the service generated $2.9 billion in 2021 alone. According to CADE, that information was provided by Microsoft itself.

As the chart below shows, that’s significantly more than rivals EA and Nintendo earned from their own subscription options – although it should be noted that both companies offer different propositions to Game Pass, which provides access to an expansive library of first and third party content.

That seems high. As Tweaktown points out, they went from 15 million subscribers in Aug 2021 to 18 million in March 2022, so I don’t know, if I plug in 16 million users, that’s $181.25 per year from 16 million subscribers to get 2.9 billion dollars. That’s about $15.10 per month. That’s really high! I thought most people would be using the loophole to get that figure down a lot.

(I guess I shouldn’t have plugged in only 16 million users, it must have been higher on average over the year. But still, that means most people pay full price for Game Pass?)

We don’t know that the number only includes subscriptions. Game Pass gives users discounts as well, its entirely possible such purchases are counted as Game Pass revenue.