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Lot of Unity people on social media saying they’re resigning.

And basically every company seems to be saying they’ll never work with Unity again or are delaying projects because they have to start over because they aren’t using Unity anymore.

I’ve also seen a few lawyers pondering it being a pump and dump scenario, though it’s not their field so they’re probably just pontificating.


Of course.

Yes, a lot of studios are going to go under because of all this. Delaying a project is expensive. Alternatively the studios will hold but the devs will be laid off. It’s really sad, the indie side of the industry is generally not great at budgeting.

Most will keep using Unity anyway, I predict (and hope). The marketing and social media environment requires a lot of performative posturing.

I just wanted to say thanks, @Juan_Raigada, for the measured, informed, and well-articulated commentary on this complex issue. It’s great to hear the perspective of someone in the industry with a broad perspective and specific knowledge/experience.

Yeah, I second that, @Juan_Raigada . Seeing an issue from different perspectives is always enlightening.

This is the same article I posted earlier. It’s just reprinted from Insert Credit.

Pretty big deal to have it in Game Developer, though! They don’t usually do such hot opinion pieces.



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OH gamers.

Even if this ends up being “clarified” into almost nothing, it’s going to go into the annals of “shooting your own foot off”, it seems like.

Hey, MonoGame is still around, if anyone is looking for a C# framework for let’s be real, pretty much just 2D games.

Godot supports C#. Just saying. ;)

Oh yes. It’s hard to conceive a worse outcome. And it’s fully self inflicted. So, so many ways they could have structured and communicated something functionally identical much infinitely more palatable.

I can’t see how this doesn’t lead to people getting fired. They’ve lost millions (many millions) in brand valuation.

Unfortunately, everything I hear from experienced game developers is that Godot isn’t ready for prime time. But one possible outcome here is that developers pile on Godot and bring it up to snuff over a year or two.

So I guess everyone will be … waiting for Godot, huh?

No need to wait… Godot is solid enough that it’s been used on multiple games like Brotato and Cassette Beasts ;)


If that bundle was made available today then Humble Bundle is being big brain. Nice.


Well done that man

I was just coming here to post that. Hilariously well-timed, might I say.