The serious business of making games

This is a great post and should be somewhere else besides just the gaming business thread.

I love my current career, but also suffer from the uncertainty of knowing I have a much better than average setup (even within this career path) and the sector is going through quite a bit of upheaval that may eventually get to me. I have some relevant skills/inclinations to a development career track and do occasionally envy the geographic flexibility (which my current career certainly is not, outside of pandemic).

I’ve often thought, and still do think, that if I suddenly lost my job (or, absolutely needed a change of place), the first thing I’d do is enroll in a intensive boot camp along the lines of what you describe. Your post makes that sound like a decent plan.

I would heavily spend some time trying to find reviews and alumni to give some views on any program you do. There are good programs out there, but a lot of really poor ones as well.

Thanks, man. It’s been a tumultuous couple years but the last couple have been great…professionally.

Thanks :) We have a “how to learn to code?” thread but it’s more hobbyist-focused. We could certainly start a thread. Not a bad idea, maybe I’ll do it over lunch or something if nobody beats me to it.

This is great advice. Seconded!

@BloodyBattleBrain it sounds like you’re approaching this the right way and are in a good spot life-wise and mentally to take on a bootcamp. Happy to answer any other questions, and good luck regardless!

My sister wants to do a boot camp, and which I think she knows or has contacts that are looking for “diverse” hires (single or divorced moms or stay at home moms apparently).

Any tips about which boot camps ect? I mean just in a general sense.

We do?

Indeed. Also, they have a free lesson which I am exploring now.

There is a “Post about your tech job” thread.

Mine expends a LOT of effort to increase diversity in tech, but they’re only in MN and KC. Highly recommended if you’re in one of those locations though :)

Well I was gonna start a thread but it turns out I made one back in '17 when I was where @BloodyBattleBrain is now, except replace “passive income” with “borrowing shitloads of money to live while I did the thing” heh.

Reading through my posts there, I still feel all those feels.

I’ll copy my big post above up there for posterity while I’m at it.

It further depresses me how far below the minimum system requirements I fall.

This industry…

It would be a lot easier to convince people to treat developers well if the industry itself actually did that. is reputed to be very good but is women only.

I have a family member who went through Hackbright and has been successful since.

Really should take it to the other thread though ;)

How would they prove if I’m womanly enough in this day and age?

Outriders on Twitter: “An important update regarding Outriders.” / Twitter

Outriders is delayed to April 1. Kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to it, but better to give it all the time in the oven it needs, right?

I was looking forward to it too especially with Godfall being such a turd (or so everyone said, I dodged it due to all the bad reviews).

I’d much rather they take the needed time. April it is, then.

Roblox raise money at a $30 billion valuation. Given they’re also going public, it seems that somebody is willing to bet half a billion on their market cap ending up significantly higher than that.

That’s significantly more than Take 2’s market cap. It’s about Ubisoft + Capcom + Square Enix + Sega combined.

Take Two officially drops its Codemasters bid.

One of the best businesses in the local area has been saved by converting into a gaming store after its arcade has been shut down. With next-gen consoles being mostly streaming, they kinda know their business is on borrowed time though, despite having a community that loves them (and being known as the best friends of cats in the Triad after Crooked Tail)

Big growth in 2020

I know i’m getting old because Steam seems old and busted to me now, yet it’s experiencing big growth. That’s clearly because aside from a few games, the vast majority of popular stuff now is just Not For Me.