The serious business of making games

Thanks, man. It’s been a tumultuous couple years but the last couple have been great…professionally.

Thanks :) We have a “how to learn to code?” thread but it’s more hobbyist-focused. We could certainly start a thread. Not a bad idea, maybe I’ll do it over lunch or something if nobody beats me to it.

This is great advice. Seconded!

@BloodyBattleBrain it sounds like you’re approaching this the right way and are in a good spot life-wise and mentally to take on a bootcamp. Happy to answer any other questions, and good luck regardless!

My sister wants to do a boot camp, and which I think she knows or has contacts that are looking for “diverse” hires (single or divorced moms or stay at home moms apparently).

Any tips about which boot camps ect? I mean just in a general sense.

We do?

Indeed. Also, they have a free lesson which I am exploring now.

There is a “Post about your tech job” thread.

Mine expends a LOT of effort to increase diversity in tech, but they’re only in MN and KC. Highly recommended if you’re in one of those locations though :)

Well I was gonna start a thread but it turns out I made one back in '17 when I was where @BloodyBattleBrain is now, except replace “passive income” with “borrowing shitloads of money to live while I did the thing” heh.

Reading through my posts there, I still feel all those feels.

I’ll copy my big post above up there for posterity while I’m at it.

It further depresses me how far below the minimum system requirements I fall.

This industry…

It would be a lot easier to convince people to treat developers well if the industry itself actually did that. is reputed to be very good but is women only.

I have a family member who went through Hackbright and has been successful since.

Really should take it to the other thread though ;)

How would they prove if I’m womanly enough in this day and age?

Outriders on Twitter: “An important update regarding Outriders.” / Twitter

Outriders is delayed to April 1. Kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to it, but better to give it all the time in the oven it needs, right?

I was looking forward to it too especially with Godfall being such a turd (or so everyone said, I dodged it due to all the bad reviews).

I’d much rather they take the needed time. April it is, then.

Roblox raise money at a $30 billion valuation. Given they’re also going public, it seems that somebody is willing to bet half a billion on their market cap ending up significantly higher than that.

That’s significantly more than Take 2’s market cap. It’s about Ubisoft + Capcom + Square Enix + Sega combined.

Take Two officially drops its Codemasters bid.

One of the best businesses in the local area has been saved by converting into a gaming store after its arcade has been shut down. With next-gen consoles being mostly streaming, they kinda know their business is on borrowed time though, despite having a community that loves them (and being known as the best friends of cats in the Triad after Crooked Tail)

Big growth in 2020

I know i’m getting old because Steam seems old and busted to me now, yet it’s experiencing big growth. That’s clearly because aside from a few games, the vast majority of popular stuff now is just Not For Me.

The world of board games can be serious business, too!

Ion Games has announced that it will no longer include historical notes in the games of Phil Eklund, who has used them to praise British colonialism, question climate science, and also recently promoted the notion that COVID is not a pandemic and doesn’t warrant lockdowns.

And at about the same time, publishers of games by Italian designer Daniele Tascini (Teotihuican, Tzolk’in) are distancing themselves after he made remarks about skin color in the context of a discussion of fantasy races. The dust-up was exacerbated by Tascini’s “I’m sorry if you were offended”-style apology.

There is also fulfillment company FunAgainGames which jumped to the defense of Phil Eklund and went downright condescending and 1950s misogynistic on a female streamer associated with Ion Game Design:

That’s how you talk to women when your company motto is that everyone is welcome to the table, right? Be cheerful and cordial. And you are living with a man you aren’t married to? j/k smiley face…

Needless to say, they are also losing business.

Rodney Smith (Watch It Played) also had a good take on the: “it’s cultural differences and not racist” defence of Tascini.