The serious business of making games

80% EBITDA margin… And people working for free :\

Well you ain’t gonna make wicked profits if you pay people.

Time for guillotines!

How does a message board make money? Is it all ad driven?

Yeah but they’re getting so much exposure, it’s going to be really great for them!

ResetEra has ads and user subs.

Honestly, the reliance on unpaid moderators is, I think, a looming problem for Discord as well.

What unpaid moderators does Discord use?

Basically anyone can setup a Discord, and all those communities rely on volunteer moderation teams.

And that’s on Discord to solve? Or are you just saying it happens there? Because lots of companies use unpaid moderators in lots of places.

Hmm, so moderation is just not their problem. Like they can just wave off responsibility for content on discord?

While I’ll admit FB and Twitter pretty much do this even they occasionally put up the pretense of moderating by randomly booting people.

That’s not the issue. Discord being responsible for moderating the content on the millions of Discord servers is something else entirely. The issue being raised is if Discord is responsible for a company that uses Discord having unpaid moderators.

Huh, so if discord elects not to pay moderators then the public has no expectation of moderation taking place?

Man, FB and Twitter need to fire all their paid moderation and get in on this discord thing.

Have you ever used Discord? Because it kinda sounds like you haven’t.

Sure I’m on it, but convincing me they have no moderation obligations whatsoever is the issue, and in fact I’m on it right now talking about AI War 2 and Imperiums: Greek Wars.

Game devs often make discord the only place you can go to talk about them, so of course I am, even if I still prefer forums like this place.

It sounds like you want to have an argument with someone, but I’m not sure who that is. I am not talking about Discord’s responsibility to moderate the content on its service. I have made no argument about that.

Then we’ll part ways on the subject in violent agreement.

Some talking past each other here. Unlike forums, where the same staff typically takes care of all problems, large social networks have multiple layers of moderation. The base layer enforces the terms of service and relevant laws with automatic content scanners and contract worker farms. Volunteer community managers run their communities on the network on top of that base layer of enforcement. But on Discord, my understanding is that the base layer of ToS/legal enforcement isn’t nearly as much as a thing. So server admins need to take care of the worst, never-acceptable content themselves more than they would on FB or Twitter. Discord does provide them some pretty good tools, and there are bots, but Discord is still leagues behind in the sophistication of their network-level content filtering. Since that’s something that larger networks have been repeatedly scourged for by markets, news and a few governments, it’s a potential future problem for Discord.

I’m not sure it makes sense to compare something like Discord to a major social network like Facebook, or even a forum. Discord is more like a tool, and individual discord channels separate networks using that tool.

What obligation does a tool maker have here? They aren’t setting up channels, or setting policies. They simply provide the code and service, not the actual communities.

Its more like Wordpress or Wix, do those bear responsibility for the content people make using those tools? It doesn’t really make sense for that.

But Discord don’t have ads attached creating revenue, right?

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