The Settlers (TBD)

Sort of. If I am remembering correctly I think the combat was pretty hands off in that you moved your army towards the opposing force and the troop quality and composition basically decided the battle with hardly any player direction. I saw the combat aspect as a territory gating mechanic. Your opponent would have a force of a certain size/quality stationed at a point on the map and you really couldn’t advance beyond that into the territory beyond that until you built your economy/infrastructure up enough to support a certain tier of troops. I might not be recalling this correctly though.

I thought of the military portion of Settlers 7 as a mechanism to throttle expansion so it wasn’t unchecked. Or as a gameplay timer if the enemy was going to invade your controlled regions.

Hmmm…this one is definitely on the front burner for me now. The first SpellForce is one of my favourite games. Love to see some of that creative magic baked into the new Settlers.

Yeah, I was fine with how it was done, it’s just that you did a lot of it. So it might be OK in another game with a lot of it. I’m just skeptical, because combat is usually terrible in euro logistics games, including most Settlers games.

Looks promising!

I’m sure we have a GOG thread that would say the same, but I’d check them out before buying any old Settlers game. IIRC, they have versions that actually run on Win10.

This, exactly. I still replay Spellforce annually. I think this Settlers reboot is Day 1 purchase for me.

Well… maybe next year!

Well, the bright side is I learned a new German term: “wuselfaktor,” which I gather roughly means that “ant farm” quality you get from city builders.

You can find an explanation of Wuselfaktor in the middle of this blog post.

Yes, apparently it translates as “bustle factor,” which makes sense!

How can you have bustle without hustle? It just doesn’t make sense!!

So another 18 months later and still not even a peep. I’m guessing this game is dead?

No, but it’s being turned into an open world shooter

With NTFs & a battle royale survival sim mode?

I played a bunch of Settlers 7 the last couple weeks, and in case anyone’s wondering, it’s still a very good game!

I was just thinking I should give that a reinstall! Maybe that’s what I’m up to tonight, heh.

I tried to boot up my Steam copy and it wouldn’t run. Went to the UBISoft website and it was no help. Whatever there old service was (I forgot the name) has been replaced by a new one and it deemed seem to have record of my purchase from all those years ago.

Steam has some new edition of it, but I guess I don’t get grandfathered in even though support for my version appears to have evaporated.

Aw, that’s terrible! Might be worth emailing Ubi’s customer service. There’s no excuse for a game you purchased to just stop being playable.

I had it on a now-defunct storefront and rather than figure out if I could make it work, I just bought the History Edition from the Ubi store (it was heavily discounted a couple weeks ago).

I had just gotten a new PC and had 50 other games to try, so I didn’t follow up. I’ll shoot them an email.

Does the new edition run well? I’m assuming they barely made changes and just resold it with a “______ Edition” added to it. :)