The Settlers (TBD)

I just tried to re-install Settlers 7 from UPlay. It installed, and it runs… but if I try to change the resolution from 1024x768, the UI gets screwed up. Frustrating!

Exiting the game (no mean feat with the UI screwed up) and re-starting it seems to help. I can’t get it to go above 1920x1080 (although the higher options appear in the drop-down; selecting them and restarting the game ends up in a different resolution).

My impression was that the History editions of all the Settlers games add all the expansion content and remove the janky copy protection scheme some of the games used to have.

I haven’t had any resolution issues with the History edition, FWIW.


Settlers 7 was such a great reinvention of the game. Outside of the first couple which helped trailblaze its own genre, 7 is easily my favorite.

EDIT: I found this showing the games that didn’t transition from UPlay to UBISoft COnnect and Settlers VII is among them.

I’ve been playing the Histrionics or whatever Edition at 2560x1440 and the UI is great, fwiw.

The Facebook page updated their Profile Pic with this exciting image.

It was going to take some work to get me excited about anything in the Settlers world as I don’t trust them to do anything interesting with the series, but this inspires “Meh”.


EDIT: I guess this is marginally better.

2022! Yusssss

Whoa , like zero news released in forever, then a March 2022 release date?

Art style looks very Settlers 7, but no real indication whether it’s still using the map tiles. I suspect not.

I wonder, does anyone here have played all the games? I only played Settlers 2 (like a fair number of people).
How the series progressed? What were the high points, the low points?

Looks good. As with all these it will come down to the design and the execution of the sim.

Though Settlers 7 at least (which I would imagine this is following in the footsteps of) sidesteps the “sim” part by not modeling needs or happiness or any of that, just the production chains part.

I got real confused and thought after the great changes and almost board gamey feel of my favorite edition since 2 was the next to last release. I thought they went back to the old formula after 7. I guess I could have done a tad more research before posting.

Anyways, there is a $15 edition of 7 on Steam that will go on sale occasionally. It’s been over a decade, but I still enjoy it. It’s not the same game as 2 as @Adam_B mentions, but I thought it kind of evolved into something I found very enjoyable, though it had significant differences.

I’ll take a new one in either style as long as they don’t make it a tedious slog like many of those middle editions were to me.

The video preview based on the beta of the game by Gemany’s biggest mag Gamestar declares the current iteration is basically the worst of the whole series.

The original game designer Volker Wertich parted ways with Ubisoft after a recalibration of the game’s vision some time ago. The current iteration is a basic RTS streamlined for multiplayer and of course in-game transactions.


Right. My understanding, and I have no idea where this came from so maybe it’s just wishful thinking, is that Ubi was well aware that S7 was the high water mark and were going back in that direction after the current poop.

Excuse my language, but, fuck, that sounds like the worst possible direction, but maybe they’ll surprise me.

EDIT: I visited the Wikipedia for a refresher and this brief summary of 7 pretty much mirrors my sentiments.

Paths to a Kingdom received positive reviews, with many critics citing it as the best Settlers game since The Settlers II . Especially lauded were the graphics, Victory Points system, mission variety, and map design. PC Games ’ Christian Schlütter called it “the best Settlers game in a long time”.[156] Eurogamer 's Quintin Smith found it “ungodly compelling”.[157] GameSpot ‘s Kevin VanOrd cited it as "the series’ most charming to date".[73]

Not all of them, but most. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and various ports and remasters. Can’t speak to the ones I haven’t played (5 is pretty universally regarded to be the worst) but I didn’t care much at all for 6. 7 was fantastic, and 2 is probably the best for its time, but these days I’d just play 7.

There was definitely a hint of that in the trailer, with the relatively big emphasis on combat and relatively little on production chains. Hopefully this is just an over-reaction (not least because the beta doesn’t start for another week!), but with Ubisoft I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is where they’re taking it.

This is so not what I wanted to hear. I played these games for the production chains, not combat. I always felt they were a happy bridge between old Impressions games and the Anno series. Well, at least 2/7.

EDIT: Hah - I randomly clicked through the video and I kept landing on segments where he was showing Settlers II and I kept thinking “wait, this actually looks great!”. So maybe not the worst news ever - S2 and S7 just need some replaying.

I used to play Settlers on the Amiga, that was 1993. What a game at the time, was superb. Was hoping this my capture that S2 feel and play style but I am not convinced