The Settlers (TBD)

I didn’t play a ton of Settlers, but it seemed to me that with the early games in the series, it was the surveying system (can’t remember if that’s what it was called) that was its most unique feature. Right? You would send out special guys and they would put dots all over the map showing you where resources were under the ground? A couple sequences in the video above seemed to show something similar, so my impression was that this might be a return of some classic elements.

Most unique perhaps, but it wasn’t a particularly fun mechanic.

Part of the awesome was playing it correctly (ie., on an Amiga!)

Pre-load for the beta is available.

Ooh, I’m in the closed beta! When can I play it?!?

20th. Not sure when exactly it unlocks.

Dang, how did I not get selected for this beta.

Very curious to hear impressions about it from y’all. Like most here, the series peaked for me with Settlers 2/3 (and really, 4 was just more of the same in a way that was pleasant but a little thin at the time). I never got deep enough into the later entries to judge them fully, but would very much like something closer in style to the older games, especially if it has the ability to avoid major conflict.

I always loved that the campaign in Caesar II. . . III?. . . had a “fighty map/not-fighty map” choice at almost every step along the way.

I think that was 3, but I’m not sure. Man I loved the Caesar games. For some reason, Caesar 3 is still what I think of when I think of city builders. Could never get C4 to run on my computer, can’t speak to its improvements, but I would love to see a new game in that series, too.

I loved Settlers 7, but when I went back to play it recently I didn’t like it at all. Guess it felt uninspired and boring since release.

Probably 3 (maybe both?). This was part of Pharaoh and Zeus as well.

Now think of all the games you hated but would actually love if you played them again!

Did you register?

I wish I had. Lol.

There’s probably still time.


How were you notified you were in? Does the game show up in Uplay?

I got an email, and yeah, it showed up in my game library in Uplay (which is Ubisoft Connect now, I guess).

Aw, I was hoping to get an hour or so in before work , but it turns out it doesn’t unlock until this evening UK time.

Seems to have unlocked.