The Settlers (TBD)

Man, I really liked the two faction (3 with the dlc) split in 2070 along with the global warming/pollution aspect.

2205 was also good, except for that Orbit dlc, which I didn’t like.

It’s crazy this will be out in 3 weeks and there is like zero news.

I punted it off my radar when I started reading universal loathing for the beta that dropped a few months back. Shame, as I was excited for it for a long while there.

Well, well, well…

Sure, the quality wasn’t in line with the team’s vision.

I am sensing end of 2022.

That is nowhere near enough time to fix this mess

I don’t understand why they pivoted away from the original intention of making something like the classic games 1-4. It’s not as if there isn’t a market for chilled city builder / logistical chain games.

The Settlers Has Been Indefinitely Delayed Again.

Gamestar is speculating the game might even be cancelled altogether in order to avoid a fiasco.

I want to say “Unbelievable!”, but I guess it really isn’t, is it.

Maybe you could use the word “inconceivable”.

They really messed this one up. I don’t understand how they got the original game designer and still managed to screw it up so badly.

My impression is that they were pretty much on track to produce a “proper sequel” (in line with the original games), but then something happened and the game was hacked up and “restructured” to chase some new multiplayer battle concept.