The Sexy Brutale, anyone?


I’ve been keeping an eye on this one since release, I think it’s up my alley but of course it’s competing with all the other stuff I’m playing or planning to play. What I’m seeing seems to indicate it’s kind of a mix of Majora’s Mask and Ghost Trick, two games I really enjoyed. And it’s going for $10 on Xbox this week, so I figure I may jump in. I’ve checked around at a few reviews but just curious if anyone around these parts had opinions about the game?


I have no opinion, but I bought it a few weeks back when it was discounted after hearing @Ginger_Yellow and others praising it. It looks right up my street, I’m just struggling to fit it in too.


If you enjoyed Ghost Trick, you’ll almost certainly love it.


It was gifted to me, and while I found the concept interesting, it grew tedious pretty quickly, since the repeating day ends pretty quickly, and while the knowledge you’ve retained remains, your inventory doesn’t

Imagine a point-and-click adventure where you have to go around collecting the same 3 or 4 inventory items every 15 minutes, and you’ll get the idea.


Huh. I hadn’t made that connection, maybe because puzzles in Ghost Trick were generally contained to manipulating events on one screen at a time. Here, from what I’ve seen, you got the temporal element combined with moving from room to room.


This is currently in a bundle for $10, I plan to get it after reading this review:

Also this ACG video was good. :)

Seems like a great 10 hour, single play through game. @geggis did you play it yet?


If you’re going to buy it anyway, just avoid the review and surprise yourself! ;-)

I haven’t played it yet, no. Too many games etc.


I played it, thanks to @Ex-SWoo’s generosity, and it was a pleasant experience, in part because of the ending. The game itself was too simple for my taste, and although it aimed at a sort of Dark Souls (crumble pieces) approach to the narrative, I thought the writing wasn’t good enough to achieve the level of evocation needed. I nfact, I found the game itself to be very hesitant in its overall tone.
No Ghost Trick, that’s for sure, but I enjoyed experiencing it, and I appreciated it was short and was doing its thing without trying to overextend itself.