The sheer hell of Rhythm Heaven Fever

Title The sheer hell of Rhythm Heaven Fever
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When February 14, 2012

Wait a minute, do we go on three, or after three? Playing Rhythm Heaven Fever, I feel a bit like Elizabeth Berkley in that scene in Showgirls where she first joins the show..

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Downbeats... I couldn't tap my foot to downbeats to save my life.

Hey, this is something I know about!

When you say downbeats, I think you mean off-beats Tom and Mercanis. Downbeats are the first beat of a bar and everyone (within reason) should be able to count to do them. Off-beats, however, are the 2nd and 4th beat of a standard 4-beat bar. If you have trouble, use both feet to count the beats. Left - right - left - right.

Then hit whatever you want when you tap your right foot. Now you're playing a syncopated rhythm!

Next week's lesson will be on Diminished Triads.

Man, I can barely handle heavily cued rhythm games like Guitar Hero. :(