The Shellfish Thread

Ok, so I took my wife and kids to Discovery Park for Mother’s day. There was an extremely low tide. We went way out and I noticed there were these little creatures spitting at me from under the sand.

Then I saw one: the dreaded geoduck.

This is what they look like if you dig them out of the sand. We did not dig them out of the sand. We only got to see their huge necks sticking up out of the sand and retreating back into the sand. The one’s we saw had necks about six inches long, with a diameter of about 1.5 inch around. Watching them ooze out of the sand is incredibly disgusting. I may never eat another clam in my life.

Is anyone surprised that this is a Japanese delicacy?

Apparently this one can sing!

Uh… that is porno-like! Blecch! Feelthy bottom feeders!

This picture is oh-so-subtly so much more disturbing for those being a woman’s hands.

That…I…what the…just wow.

Now you just have to get a 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirl to hold one of those in her hands, and you can sell the pics for hundreds in Japan! :wink:

Dunno if it’s still true, but the Geoduck (pronounced “gooey-duck”) was once the mascot of Evergreen State College.

A little google pictures is an amazing thing. This is from the site and claims to be the Geoduck mascot for Evergreen State:

I remember reading this in the Straight Dope:
But it was Paul O.'s comments about geoducks–those phallic mollusks found only in Puget Sound–that prompted me to write. My alma mater, Evergreen State College of Olympia, Washington, claims the geoduck as its mascot. Our teams–soccer, skiing, swimming–are called the Evergreen Geoducks. Every graduation the 500-odd graduates solemnly sing the geoduck fight song, written by ex-reference librarian extraordinaire Malcolm Stilson:

Go geoducks go
Through the mud and slime let’s go
Siphon high
Spit it out
Swivel all about
Let it all hang out. --Allison G., Arlington, Virginia

The picture just above your post, Peter, is supposedly the Evergreen mascot dressed as a geoduck. His face looks like KISS makeup to me. I assume he is humming the fight song as he dances.

People on the internet often accuse me of lying when I try to describe the geoduck. Bastards.

Anyway, I hate them. They get in the way of finding delicious clams.

You seem quite fixated with this mollusk. Thanks for traumatizing me.