The Ship

I was opening up Source this morning to download Red Orchestra, and I saw an ad for a game called “The Ship”. I was surprised that I hadn’t read anything about this game, as most of you probably know the premise is that you are on a 1920’s ocean liner, and it’s your job to kill one of the other travellers. The twist is that there’s also someone who wants to kill you.

The game looks interesting, and I was surprised to find no threads here about it. Has anyone played it?

I’m an idiot.

There can only be one! There can only be one!

What is this, a Jet Li film? If two threads about the same topic exist the universe doesn’t collapse on itself, methinks. Is this thread gonna die it’s hair blonde and attack the other thread on a motorcycle?

If it does, I’m sticking around to see it.

The Ship roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The Ship rocks. Except that you have to play with other people, and they suck.

I’ve been finding servers that make the place look busy with a ton of bots, but once you get past those and find some actual people, the game is a lot of fun. Some people don’t play the game well, but that doesn’t mean killing them is less fun.