The 'show why science is awesome' thread:


But was it quantum posted in the past, or the future?


It’s complicated, this will explain it:


Interesting. So where did this come from?


Clever bot programmed to respond to replies with simple language replies of it’s own? I am by no means an expert in the design of bots, but it seems plausible, particularly as an actual reply would notify the bot and prompt a programmed response.

Seems the posts have been removed now. I am always wary of very new users bumping very old threads (as he did in the chair thread) with a random product recommendations and little in the way of exposition in any post anywhere.


Understood. You bring much honour upon our simple forum. :)




Why is only part of that in quotes?


That’s what you get for copying and pasting a meme some other dude on the internet made, I guess.



Would any of the physics trained board members care to comment on this paper about vacuum energy driving the expansion of the universe?


BTW, you’ll be happy to know I just shame-corrected someone who used ‘maths’ instead of ‘math’.


I didn’t know that “maths” was incorrect!


Huh, turns out both are fine and it’s just another regional quirk. I wonder why I thought maths was categorically incorrect.


It’s even funnier, given the meme you posted earlier, because ‘maths’ is definitely the traditional Queen’s English choice, and ‘math’ is strongly associated with Americans.

Also, like many places where American English and British English differ, maths-vs.-maths is a story of we Americans preserving the older form while the rest of the world invents weird new words, at least as far as Google Ngram Viewer can be trusted.


From what I have read this is true of many words. The British messed it up. Just like that war. Redcoats and all that. :)



Huh, well this is different


Now it’s only a matter of time before monkey vision is directly streamed on the Internet.


It isn’t already?


An episode of Black Mirror waiting to happen.