The 'show why science is awesome' thread:


Mountains of Madness anybody?


They should have named the penguin after Lovecraft or at least Leng.

Truly a missed opportunity.


Great auks were nearly a metre tall and they lived until the 19th century


The stories of how they were hunted to extinction are horrifying.
Humans suck.




Thank goodness! Where else would we end Goldeneye on N64.


Not so much awesome as terrifying.

Memory depends upon a virus?


Maybe Alzheimer’s is caused by a vaccine then?


Might be a telomere issue.


If you guys think a re-purposed virus in our DNA is interesting, you might be just as interested to know that roughly 8% of the human genome are from viruses (though most of them non-functional). In comparison, about 1% of our genome is coding (the parts that are turned into proteins.)

Some of these regions come from families of viruses that are very similar, leading to regions of the genome that are close to identical, which leads to copying errors where chunks of the genome are duplicated or deleted.


Yeah, no. [Edit: actual proof]

Past exposure to vaccines against diphtheria or tetanus, poliomyelitis and influenza may protect against subsequent development of Alzheimer’s disease.



Brilliant, and yet so seemingly simple. I guess the best ideas often are.


Is there some further downstream effect from this as well? Doesn’t the addition of vegetation further condition the sand so deeper layers become a bit more like soil, and the plant roots further help with water retention in the area? I could imagine this not just as a bandaid to help a region, but a change that might help revitalize a region.

On top of that, having a layer of green plants instead of bare sand would add additional carbon fixation, and also cool down the area. Cool article I just found on how plants change the local climate:


Hey, what are you looking at?


Clearly they’ve prototyped this off of my wife.


Luckily, it seems to be economically viable. Which is a pretty rare thing to happen.


I think your wife and mine might be related. Laser eyes? Yeah that sounds right.


The arm touchscreen watch. I’m waiting for the Rolex model.