The 'show why science is awesome' thread:


I’m guessing that the more… hirsute among us would be SOL.

“The resolution of this arm is terrible!”


In the dystopian future, you’ll be able to tell who uses the megacorp wrist computers by the little shaved patches on their forearms.


Well that or that they sharpen knives and test them on their forearms. Be careful who you piss off. Are they a nerd or a knife fighter?


Seems to be the season for inventions out of scifi. Here’s the cloaking device:

Mandatory clip from the episode in which it was introduced. The cloaking device is first discussed around the 6:15 mark.


Huh, that would make nuclear torpedoes aimed at our coastal cities much more effective!


Yeah, we’re d0med!


Facebook science page “We Love GMOs and Vaccines”


I kinda hope they find some crazy DNA in the loch. But I doubt it’ll hurt the tourism any no matter what is reported.


What is even the point of this test? If they do not find any DNA, they will still keep looking.

I think what really needs to be done is to dam up the lock and drain out all the water, and film it all so they prove there is no fucking monster and end all this speculation once and for all.


I believe you are missing the essential point of ‘hunting’ for Nessie.


Yeah, I sincerely doubt that the Loch Ness Hotel Association (or whatever local business groups they have) have any interest in disproving Nessie.


I suspect the main purpose is actually the invasive species, but pitching the Nessie bit helps with the funding.

Random aside; it’s a gorgeous area and worth a visit should anyone ever be in the vicinity.



Regardless of what they find people will just say those are the wrong samples.


I’ll sign up for this!




That’s a great story! I hope that in 20 years’ time breast cancer will only be thought of as annoying… because you have to do a biopsy for the treatment. And that the kids a few generations from now will titter at the very thought of cancer, just as we might think of those poor saps a few hundred years ago, high and low classes alike, suffering from something as easily treatable (nowadays) as the French Pox. This could be a real breakthrough for long term space habitation, too, if the space-doctors have access to this, and if it can be an effective treatment for other forms of tumors and cancer.

Sure, sure, it wouldn’t do to get too excited at this point. That’s a very promising story, though.

I wonder if the doctors expect even a chance of cancer remission in that test subject. Bring on the clinical trials, and if it passes those, make the process cheap and easily available!


Probably could put this in any number of threads, so I’ll just drop it here:

Electric taking off.


Sad science news


It seems as though really being able to tweak and deeply understand the immune system be key to a whole host of treatments. So many diseases come down to the immune system being overly aggressive or not aggressive enough.