The 'show why science is awesome' thread:


Trump really needs to gut the CDC and Department of Agriculture, as warnings like these are clear signs of socialism run rampant.




Short of a law, nothing will stop people from over-using antibiotics, because they don’t pay for the negative externality of antibiotic-resistant germs. The free market can not prevail here.


Evolution ultimately will.


I come to this thread to be encouraged!


“Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?”


Exactly what is awesome about this?


They didn’t answer the question posed, so I’ll go for it:

I’m expecting that the shotgun approach used by traditional antibacterials will disappear in favor of customized viruses to attack bacterial infections, similar to what’s being done with cancer:


It’s pretty awesome for the bacteria not to be genocided. What are you, species-ist?


You seem like a positive fellow. You should read Blindsight by Peter Watts if you haven’t already. It will cheer you up even more. :)


This is more engineering than science, but it’s certainly awesome!


The next steps are detecting nanoplastics and (hopefully) collecting or destroying them. WHY IS THIS 12 YEAR OLD UNABLE TO DO THIS?!


Terrible education system!


Building an “unhackable” quantum network:


Where does your recycled plastic go? Perhaps into future highways.

Love the idea of better road material and using up old plastic just makes it that much better.


I’ve been following that as well. I just hope we don’t find lots of PET or other chemicals leech out and contaminate the roadside and water table.


There’s good reason we should stop using plastics, period. (Recycled or not.)



Using light to hold quantum particles in place and conduct experiments in quantum ground states. That just sounds like the future.


whoa. That’s amazing.