The 'show why science is awesome' thread:



I did not know that plants farted.


It’s kinda hard to believe that this hasn’t already happened.


Another, what, 20 turns or so to unlock Fusion Power? Assuming we don’t blow up something in the process, of course.


Is that a question, Walter?



How wombats shit cubes


Interesting and all but can you use it for chicken wings.



It’s not exactly impulse drive, but feels like progress!


Can science save this endangered fish by growing it in a lab?

Interesting article about more than just lab-grown fish, but meats of various kinds. It’s all super expensive right now, but promising. With a breakthrough or two in the next few years, it could really take off.



Astrophysicists count all the starlight in the universe

That’s a lot of photons!


For every atom, there are 40,000 photons. That’s so cool.


That’s pretty mindblowing.


XKCD, of course


Could you say the same about regular trains vs. bullet trains vs. hyperloop?


Designer proteins, on the way! Could do all kinds of good for people with various types of deficiencies. And bring us lots of new performance enhancers, of course.


That is the El Dorado of human medicine.


Kind of along those same lines: