The 'show why science is awesome' thread:


Ironically lignite is the dirtiest and least efficient of all the coals.


Yep. Low energy and high carbon.


Blue lava! (well kinda)



Thanks for posting that! It reminds me of one of my favorite sci fi books:


Just like Jeb Bush.


Rotating ice disk in the Penobscot River in Maine:


Would be so wonderful if this works out.


There are species that rely on mosquitoes as their primary source of nourishment. Do you want these species to go extinct as well?


There are studies from mosquito extermination attempts (for malarria control, etc) that suggest that mosquitoes don’t have any unique niche as prey animals. I.e. that another species (presumably one less troublesome for humans) would expand to fill all extant niches as the mosquitoes died.

It’s theory, of course, which is why people are slow-rolling genetic extermination efforts (e.g. releasing sterilized males or ones who have non-reproductive offspring), but the work is being done.


Are we slow rolling sterile mosquito release? My impression is that we’re not trying out some of the more aggressive ways to get there (genetic modifications like gene drives), but we’re using the technique “in the wild”, for example: