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They will not offer a complete cure for cancer in a year’s time. Clinical trials don’t work that way. Especially in oncology, where long-term effectiveness–over years–must be shown before a therapy is considered a cure.

Their technology and approach may be promising–I have no idea–but it is deeply irresponsible of the company to promote it in this way.


Yeah. At the very end of the article, they finally say they haven’t even done phase one clinical trials yet.


This is interesting tech they are working on. Basically an anti-biotic for cancer, and it is something that can be used both in a targeted sense, and universally.

It attacks certain peptide chains in cancer cells, so it won’t (hopefully) target healthy cells. It sounds like they are unsure of the ability of this method to completely eradicate a cancer, as the stem cells can be more resistant to treatments, but they envision this cancer treatment as working similar to the current HIV/AIDS management plan.

You can have cancer, but take maintainence drugs to prevent the cancer from growing and spreading, at the very least it would extend the lives of cancer patients with (hopefully) minimal side effects.

But, the real dream is the customization

The MuTaTo cancer treatment will eventually be personalized. Each patient will provide a piece of his biopsy to the lab, which would then analyze it to know which receptors are overexpressed. The individual would then be administered exactly the molecule cocktail needed to cure his disease.
However, unlike in the case of AIDS, where patients must take the cocktail throughout their lives, in the case of MuTaTo, the cells would be killed, and the patient could likely stop treatment after only a few weeks.


Yep. It’s an exciting development, but it looks like they only hope to begin human trials within a year or so. Here’s hoping!


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And I guess I’ll add this - h/t Bill Harris/dubious quality:


For something they snuck in the headline, they devoted an entire 2 sentences to this aspect!

I live in the UK, which means, outside of summer, I’d probably have to spend my entire life outdoors to get any useful UV from the sun :’(


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photodynamic therapy