The Showdown Effect - 2.5D Multiplayer Shooty From Magicka Devs

Also announced from Paradox:

RED Frontier and Dungeonland

The Showdown Effect trailer:

RED Frontier trailer:

Dungeonland trailer:

I really wish there was a trailer for this game. Anybody have a link to one?

“The focus of The Showdown Effect is in recreating the outrageous action found in classic action movies and taking them one step further. Players can pick weaponry from the silver screen’s unparallelled arsenal, including shotguns, frying pans, lightsabers, assault rifles, grenades, katanas, gauss guns and anything in between. No explosion is too loud and no bullet dodge is implausible – The Showdown Effect is all about impaling your friend with nearby broomstick and dropping a “Stick around”-taunt as you jetpack heroically off to the next enemy.”


I always hate to rain on new parades…while I don’t doubt that these devs could make another fun game, this time around, I’m going to wait 6 months until they get all the bugs ironed out.

Magicka was a mess when it was first release & I have absolutely no confidence that they learned anything of value the last time around.