The Simpson's: Hit & Run

Hmmm, judging by the reviews on the gaming sites, I may actually have to give this one more than just a cursory glance over. Everyone seems to agree that this is by far the best Simpson’s game out there and pretty much holds its own. I was just wondering what all you guys thought.

IGN and Gamespot both gave it quite high scores, so I’ll be checking it out. From the sounds of it, it borrows quite a bit from GTA but doesn’t have the graphic violence. In theory kids, old enough to watch the Simpson could play this - could be quite a big hit

Picked this up today, and looking forward for some serious time on it tonight.

I popped it into the Xbox here at work for 15 mins or so though, and it was a lot of fun. It’s not as good as GTA based on the short gameplay (driving model is looser, you can’t wreak havok in the same ways) but it is tons of fun if you’re a Simpsons fan. Also they have more of a collectable & platforming aspect than GTA, which fills in the space a bit.

No graphic violence particularly. You can run over and kick people, but they always get back up again and there is no blood. I suspect the biggest risk for parents concerned about such is the Simpsons particular brand of subversive humor (which personally I love).