The Simpsons - Marge Gamer

I haven’t followed The Simpsons at all this season but last night caught, quite by accident, an episode in which Marge gets sucked into an online MMO called Earthland Realms - basically WoW in everything but name.

They did a pretty good job with it. Not in any way as faithful to the game as the South Park episode was, taking a lot more liberties, but they definitely hit all the right notes. Very well done, did anyone else catch it?

Also the cameo from Ronaldo was bizarre but awesome.

“Another family broken up by Ronaldo!”

Yeah, that was great. I actually thought the South Park episode was much funnier (from a WoW-fanatic perspective) but it was still hilarious. For some reason, the Virgin Mary kicking ass while the music from Platoon played in the background just had me in tears.

That was a great episode. Favorite line was when moe at the end said

" I pay 14.95 a month for this?" I had a flashback to when I was playing Wow for a second.

South Park did it better. This is the first Simpsons I’ve seen this year, now I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.

The Ronaldo scenes were painful to watch. He’s apparently a much better soccer player than he is actor.