The Simpsons Movie

Not much to say about this right now other than it finally looks like it’s going to happen, but I thought this piece of information from the Variety article reporting the announcement was interesting:

“Groening and company developed a live-action “Krusty the Clown” spinoff, starring Dan Castellanetta, in the early 1990s, but the project never made it to air.”

Now THAT I’d like to see!

They’re planning on making a Simpsons movie? - I sense end of an era…

End of an era? Look at what a movie did for the X-Files!

Oh. Wait. Never mind.

To me, The Simpsons golden age ended in during season six. Or seven.

A simpsons movie will be pretty bad. The Simpsons have been going way down hill for years.

They’re not as good as they once were, but they’re still far better than most of the dreck on TV and continue to make me laugh.

I loved last Sunday’s new episode; Homer as Henry VIII was sheer brilliance.

Recent Halloween episodes notwithstanding, most of the three-part episodes have a lot to recommend them. The Bible story one stands out as a personal favorite.

In a way, though, this is symptomatic of recent Simpsons history. Though this year has been a bit a of a Renaissance, recent years have had a lot of episodes where the plot energy could not be sustained for a half-hour. Each episode might have funny bits, but there is no sense of forward momentum through the stories.

I still watch The Simpsons, but not as faithfully as I used to. The moment Homer made the transition from an ordinary guy with hopes and dreams to a caricature and cartoon, the show lost its soul. For two seasons there it was little more than Wacky Homer Job shows and Simpsons On The Road shows.

I have no hope for a Simpsons movie.


Yeah, the Simpsons going downhill? Is that post from 1996 or something?

The Simpsons, at one point, was an animated sitcom with brilliant writing. The plotlines weren’t substantially different than on Roseanne or something. But now? When was the last episode without a monkey in it? Or an explosion?

Homer’s change from bumbling Everyman to cruel/boorish/whatever joke machine was the end. Every so often they still manage a sight gag, but watch something like Lisa On Ice or Last Exit to Springfield. The run is over, and while a movie very well may be funny, it won’t be any good.

The Simpsons used to be able to pull off something besides gags. There were family bonding type moments and stuff, and they worked.

I liked the part in this year’s Treehouse of Horror (or is that the comic?) where Bart and Millhouse used the clock that could stop time to bug Homer at work. Man, any time Homer ends up naked, I laugh.

I still enjoy the Simpsons. It’s maintained much better than King of the Hill and Futurama who peaked much faster.

Maybe it’s a sore spot with me, but I still maintain that Futurama is a better show. Futurama appeals to me in a way that the Simpsons used to.

I’m probably extremely burned out on the simpsons


I think King of the Hill is the strongest of the bunch. The plots are not only true to the characters, but consistently funny - even after all these years.


I agree with the people saying that the show went downhill when Homer became a parody of himself. Also, the celebrity cameos went too far around the time Homer landed on top of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. It seems that every episode with a celebrity now is entirely about the celebrity (like the one with Mel Gibson).

Yabbut the Chilly Willies were great!