" ‘The Simpsons’ to Appear on ‘Family Guy’ "

" ‘The Simpsons’ to Appear on ‘Family Guy’ "

Source: variety.com

Crossover episode brings the Griffins to Springfield

Springfield and Quahog together…for one night only.

Fox announced Thursday that characters from “The Simpsons” will appear on an episode of another animated staple on the network, “Family Guy.” While the two series are among the longest running on Fox, there has never been a crossover edition between these two juggernauts.

Scheduled for fall 2014, the episode will feature the Griffin family visiting Springfield, where they meet the Simpsons for all sorts of fun. Among the episode highlights: Stewie develops an obsession with Bart, while Peter and Homer have a debate over who has the better beer (Pawtucket vs. Duff).

Both series are produced by 20th Century Fox Television. “Simpsons” is in its 24th season while “Family Guy” is in its 11th.