The Sims 2 thread and IGN have put up their reviews of The Sims 2. They’re both very positive. the GameSpy one in particular. It sounds like a lot of fun based on what I’ve read and seen. This will probably be one of the few games that I run out and buy at full price this year.

Anyone else played it? Impressions if so?

I haven’t played it, but I have it preordered via EB games with overnight shipping. So hopefully I’ll be playing it this week.

I’ve played the hell out of it :D

I’ve pre-ordered from EB as well. It looks like a fun game. I am going to create a character that spends his whole life criticising other people’s discussion threads on Qt3.

Hey, are you going to release the “gender-reversal” mirror as an object? That sounded pretty entertaining.

One of the local games shops here has started selling The Sims 2. They had about 20 copies on the shelf. Has this title started selling in the U.S. ?

I wasn’t expecting it to be out yet.

I thought the release date here in the States is supposed to be tomorrow, 9/14.

I can’t wait.

Ship date is 9/14, so some stores should have it soon; EA is advertising it’ll be everywhere by Friday, 9/17.

Already out on bittorrent as far as I can tell.

And what will the Sims2 offer over the first one? Just “more” and better graphics?

What gameplay changes? Weekends now? Does it still take 15 minutes to walk from one end of a large house to another? Do your sims still refuse to use the bathroom frequently until the piss on the floor? Can you controll sims in someone else’s house? etc…

Try reading a review, like the two linked in the opening post.

I want my sims to be able to catch stuff from the toilet seat

it better be included


Assuming you don’t clean the toilet for a while, it is possible to get sick from being around it. It’s not specific to the toilet, though, it’s uncleaned objects/houses in general.

It’s also possible to get food poisoning from eating flyblown food or from the garbage can. :)

Woo hoo! I want my sims to be homeless bums and pick shit out of other people’s garbage cans! Homeless simulator, here I come!

The real question: when will we have Sim-bong, Sim-heroin, and Sim-venereal diseases?

I always wondered if someone would make a contageous non-hamster related disease for the original sims. The Bubble hooka was cool too, but I had fantasies of making a complete stoner sim who sat at home all day and ordered pizza over and over, while watching tv.

OR a heroin addicted Sim who broke into neighbor’s houses and stole their stuff to buy more smack.

But then, I’m the sick fuck who played Carmaggedon over and over and over and over and over and over…

Looking forward to this game quite a bit. I hope to get my review copy pretty soon.

I’m not touching that.

The “play games during the install” bit is a nice touch.

I remember asking myself the other day why more games don’t include a small game to play during install after I re-installed Broken Sword and got treated to a simple but fun breakout clone. If Sims 2 does it maybe it will happen more frequently in the future. Also, Broken Sword’s install had a voice explaining what all the install options were. That was pretty cool.

I’m unhappy. The Sims 2 is crack. Being addicted to a dollhouse is just sad.

And man it is sure nice that Maxis fixed just about everything that was broken in the first game, including giving the player nice little short term goals (wants and aspirations). Holy cats.