The Sims 4 finally adds more options for darker skin

The lack of options for darker sims has been a sore spot for some players since the game’s launch a bit over three years ago.

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How was this not in there all along?


Timely coincidence? Enquiring minds want to know.


Was confused at first becuse every skintone in the article pic you used was already in game, but comparing Kotaku’s pic to my own game (which isn’t updated yet) I can see that they actually just put in more skin tones overall not just dark ones. More options are always fine, I say.
Don’t know why they don’t just give us an RGB wheel to make our sims whatever color we want. Discrimination against orange and bright pink sims is not fine.

They save many colors and tones for DLC to make us pay for them.

I’ll never forget when Final Fantasy XIV came out originally (the really bad version…) and there was a “suggestion” forum, and I asked for a few more Afro-American hairstyles to match the fact that you COULD select dark skin (which was nice and, frankly, unexpected) since there was literally 0 black hairstyles aside from being bald, or I think… Cornrows? something like that. That’s it.

You wouldn’t believe the rage that I got in that topic. People get legitimately angry that I would ask for that, and told me to just not play the game then, or that it was a fantasy so it doesn’t matter if my character is black but has Cloud Strife’s hair.

That’s from one of the comments on the article. It’s extremely difficult to even ask or remind developers these options should be there. You stick a target on your back for the community, and you might be labeled as some no good selfish player who thinks new games should have all the stuff of the previous games or something… asking if there will be a way to incorporate other types of people, in a game about people, is only slightly less self-target than asking if there will say be a woman model at all, preferably one that doesn’t have a ponytail and shoots a boy.

One question on this game though… if the modders wound up with 50 or so options, how did they wind up only releasing 10 darker skins officially?