The Sims: Life Stories

I was just looking through the upcoming releses and saw a new sims game called “The Sims: Life Stories” and its coming out next month. Thats rather unexpected. They evenhave to expansons for it annouced. There are few details except you can play in classic and story mode and that its “lap top friendly”. Whatever that means. Google turns up just a basic annoucement and a cover shot. Anyone have any more info?

It sounds slightly less interesting than “My girlfriend: shopping stories”.

Perhaps it’s a collection of scenarios that you subject your Sim to. “Throw a party”. “Buy a popular toy on Christmas Eve”. “Get a raise”. Yadda yadda etc…

“The day began like any other, as I awoke in a pool of my own urine in the kitchen, where I’d passed out the night before, too tired to make it to either my bed or the bathroom. I was due at my job as the chief of police in 4 hours, so I had to hop in the shower right away, as I knew that walking upstairs to the shower would take an hour, showering would take at least two hours, leaving a scant hour to make and eat a sandwich. My house was a pigsty, but fortunately my two-dollar-a-day maid would be by later.”

ah, gaming elitism is alive and will on this forum

Nah, give people here a chance to act witty, and then Damn… your thread’s looking mighty brown…

Yeah, The Sims is so lame and pointless. Come on, repetitive actions, shopping… ugh.

Now, excuse me while I go kill 1000 Furblogs in order to improve my faction standing. And check out my new helm!

Looks like there’s a short profile up on eb/gamestop.

Offhand it sounds like they took all the game out of The Sims 2 and made it into a choose your own adventure or something…I can’t really tell.

I realize you’re joking, but at the height of my WoW addiction I actually enjoyed mindlessly killing a lot of mobs at no risk of death, but for some reason I just couldn’t stand playing the Sims for more than 2 hours. Whether it’s the first one or Sims 2. And I tried really hard to like them.

I enjoyed the Sims for about 20 hours, which is more than I can say for some games.

In my 33 years of gaming, I’ve probably played Maxis Sim games more hours than any other type of game.