The Sims medieval

Go back in time and get medieval! The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts Inc. today announced The Sims Medieval, a new series currently in development that places the popular Sims characters from The Sims game into the Middle Ages and brings players robust, compelling gameplay never seen before in the history of The Sims. For the first time, players can create heroes, venture on quests, build and control a kingdom, and play every Hero Sim character in the land. Creativity will soar as players tell stories like never before full of drama, romance, conflict, and comedy.
“The Middle Ages is a time of intrigue, legend, and excitement. It offers a perfect backdrop for a brand new series from The Sims studio due to the limitless stories that can be told,” said Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio at EA. “The Sims Medieval offers a new way for players to experience The Sims which we hope fans will enjoy, and it features gameplay that fans of strategy and role-playing games will find appealing such as controlling an entire kingdom and quest-based gameplay mechanics.”

The Sims Medieval offers players a chance to build up a medieval kingdom, controlling characters from all walks of life, from Kings and Queens, to Knights and Wizards, Blacksmiths and Bards. It provides a host of storytelling possibilities in the form of quests, from crafting a legendary sword to arranging a royal wedding, to protecting the kingdom from an evil sorcerer, to finding the fountain of youth. Every quest plays out differently depending on which Hero Sim the player is controlling.

I’m really torn. I’ve been wanting a medival Sims game since the Sims were first annouced but this game seems to be going more towards the same style of game play as the Guild. I was hoping to simulate a medieval town and castle instead of playing more avatar adventures. Still, I will probably buy it.

Day one. The Sims group there has really been putting out nothing but awesome for the past couple of years.

Oooooh, nice! Kinda fell off the Sims bandwagon, but this would certainly bring me back. Unless it turns into something completely different during development.

I am absolutely all for this, even if it does turn out to be more of a cosmetic tweak (with the quests and so on from the Sims 3 expansions thrown in) than a brand new title. I’ve wanted a medieval Sims for ages.

I sent the press release to my wife, who is very excited, as she loves the Ambitions careers and the quests in World Adventures. Once she’s on this game, maybe I can try out the Sims 3!

Please tell me you can play as a serf.

If I can design my own castle WITH moat and drawbridge I am in…

I only played the first two sims games , damn building a house was fun.

Same here. The Sims 3 could only hold my attention for a short while, and the expansions don’t sound too interesting to me, but this sounds awesome!

Can’t wait for this! I do wish Maxis would move away from the mission based stuff and focus more on open-world simulation. This is the #1 game my nieces and I play together and mission-based game-play is not nearly as fun as open world where you interact just a little bit - and watch anything happen.

Medieval Sims will be awesome though!

Rod Humble, will you make sure that not all focus is placed upon adventures and the expansions will still add more unique actions that are not dependent on human interaction? The presentation you did on “No Sims3 lives end the same” was fantastic, and though that is true, the feeling’s we get during limited interaction gameplay (letting things evolve as naturally as possible) is becoming more repetitive and less surprising because so much focus is being put to missions/adventures.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


I think I misinterpreted what this game was about. It appears it is NOT going to be a Sims3 game with Medieval clothing so my comment above is not valid.[/I][/B]

I’m seeing Majesty mixed with stronghold. Does that sound about right to you guys?

I think I’d play this. I haven’t played The Sims since the first one, though!

I haven’t touched a Sims game since the original, but this sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to some hands-on previews.

They listened to me!


Finally, a Sims game that isn’t about holding down a day job and remembering to go potty. I’ll have to check this out.

I’d like to see both open world and mission based content here.

I only wish they’d play it straight, with serfs living miserable fucking lives, libidinous princes fucking every brothel girl they can find, the plague carrying half your kingdom off, noble dynasties at each others’ throats, etc., all entirely dynamic - why isn’t there a game like this? In reality, it’ll probably be Sims 3 re-skinned with some quest mechanics thrown in. And I agree: Sims 3 would be great if it was an honest-to-god life simulator that you could sit back and watch unfold. But it isn’t that, and gets quickly tiresome if you don’t care for the builder aspect or the stapled-on mini-games.

That is too much to hope for. I am currently banishing the thought from my mind.

What were we talking about?

Well, maybe one day. That would be pretty amazing, Zane. One reason I love Crusader Kings is that you really see a wide gamut of personality types interacting and getting involved in personal scandals or develop hostile relationships, based on personality clashes, that can actually trigger wars. It’s down and quite dirty sometimes with drunken letchers and bastardy every which-a-way depending on the dynasty.

Blast from the past (04-10-2003, 03:56 PM):

I’m with you Mr. Lutes. Stronghold felt a bit coarse and generic. The combat wasn’t particularly interesting either. Majesty was fun to watch and play the first couple scenarios but after that I felt like I’d seen everything it had to offer. In addition to having a more granular approach to object oriented behavior (more objects, more possible reactions, thus more interesting and varied emergent behavior) I’d like to see those little AI ants have minds of their own. What’s most interesting to me about setting management is politics - even if just parlor room politics. Tropico had some interesting ideas here but I’d much prefer being one of a number of competing factions rather than an simply an overseer. A game that really modeled the mix of realpolitik and personality of the middle ages with a stress on nobility and heraldry would be pretty close to my ideal.

Right now, even though it’s really off topic, my favorite medieval life and times simulations are Medieval: Total War (because it does touch a wee bit on the dynamics of persona and dynasty in addition to the great strategic and tactical models - the interface could use some help) and The Guild (as it handles politics in some interesting ways - it could learn a lot from Tropico however).

Neither of these has much to do with castle building unfortunately. I’d like to see something along those lines myself.

So, yeah, I have to buy this sucker I think.

My first thought was the “facilities” my wife and I saw in the Tower of London.

I want to play a facially-scarred dwarf with mismatched eyes.

Iron maiden + inverted sawing + foot roasting + thumbscrew torture + Spanish tickler = day one purchase.