The Sims Online

Is anybody playing this? How’s it doing? Is it the “crossover hit” some folks were projecting?

I got it today… I must be nuts. So far …the couple hours I played, I feel a bit dissapointed. It just feels like it lacks a spark. Most people dont really seem to chat. It seems like a Sims mmrpg… only instead of killing mobs you make money (or gnomes). I really thought there would be more niche things in the game. Like different stuff from the original sims. Instead its The Sims ONLINE, meaning it doesnt differ much from playing The Sims originally. I actually would rather much just go to a chat room, or play a smash and kill mmrpg. Skills are rather weak in Sims Online (on purpose), but I do like the dynamic that people create areas to make money. But making money seems to be the only thing thats worthwhile to do. They REALLY need more incentive to do other things… just like any other mmrpg.

Plus I got the impression I would be able to walk around neighborhoods… instead you just teleport around. It really takes away from the virtual city feel. It REALLY would have been cool to be able to buy cars or take public tranportation. As tedious as it sounds, it would have been more cool imo.


I agree on the teleportation business. When I played the beta, I was very disappointed that you couldn’t just walk around the neighbourhood. It didn’t have that feeling of local community, when your real neighbour, and some guy on the other side of the city, were just as easy to visit. It also felt lacking a sense of continuity.