The Sims Spark'd is a reality show about using the game that's like a reality show

The Sims Spark’d is a reality show about using the game that’s like a reality show How many contestant runs will end in a panicky kitchen fire? That’s the question for The Sims Spark’d, an upcoming cable show about using The Sims to create stories that will get judged by a panel of c-list entertainers. Also, there’s a guy with a fez, which… Look, I’m not the audience for this. I admit that. But maybe one of you can tune in and let us know who wins? The Sims Spark’d will air on July 17th on TBS.

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Guess what? My 10 year old daughter saw the ad for this when she loaded up her daily Sims 4 game and is insanely excited to watch this. She requested… nay… demanded that I watch it with her. So I guess I volunteer?

No. Why? How?

Not even diehard Sims players asked for this, there’s already tens of very entertaining YT channels making quality Sims content, this show will just be unbearable cringe.

Kids are unable to make such value judgements. So he has to watch it with her.

Yep. She’s a big fan of Claire Siobhan on YouTube. If the show doesn’t at least match the quality of that, then it will quickly get rejected. My daughter has an appetite for good Sims 4 content, but if she doesn’t like what she sees, she quickly moves on. She is very aware of how much quality stuff is already out there and always juggles the desire to watch creators vs play her own games.

I will say that it’s the challenges that are tempting her. She’s always caught up in trying to accomplish a good challenge, one that engages her creativity. I think the ad for the show hooked her with that.