The Sims

No I didn’t post in the wrong forum. They are making The Sims The Movie

Can the Bejeweled movie be far behind?

Tetris The MOVIE!

Cube 2: Sudoku

Cube was awesome. And there’s already a Cube 2, it was to be a big, wide release movie that they rushed and ended up going stright to TMN or something.

And Cube was based on Rubik’s Cube.

Whoever thought of calling it “Cube 2: Hypercube” should pay a terrible price.

There are three Cube movies.

Too bad the third one wasn’t called Cube³.


Cube zero was pretty bad-ass, IMHO. Much better than Cube 2.

Riffing with Uncle Larry, a third sequel could maybe be called Cube(d) or something. That would be kind of edgy, I think. And Hollywood is all about the edgy.

If there is defecation behind a mosiac, I’m there.

I’ll see this if they speak the goofy Sim language and nothing else.

Are the Sims games still as big as they’ve always been? I don’t hear much about them any more, but I don’t know if that’s because there’s nothing new to say besides “Sims still makes money!” or if it’s because their popularity has declined.

Wife: “Oh, are they going to have scenes like where the kitchen catches on fire and she tries to put it out using the baby, and then child services comes? What about when my one sim got bugged and sat playing Atari for like 30 days straight without doing anything else, and died of either starvation or burst colon sepsis? This could be a great thing indeed.”

Was there ever an explanation behind the original Cube in the various sequels?

Nothing new to say. Popularity remains high. The game is still regularly in the top ten, and each new expansion tends to crack the top five.


Sorta. I didn’t find the movies too horrible, so you’ll survive watching them.

The Sims games are still very popular, and keep getting new addons all the time.
I’ve completely lost count, because they seem to be competing with Everquest
in that department.

Cube 2 is the only one I saw, and I disagree. It was too horrible.

See Cube 1, then see Cube 0. In that order.

After that, if you have a free weekend with nothing better than chemotherapy or a brillo-scrub of your ballsac going on, see Cube 2. It isn’t Street Fighter bad, but it’s pretty stinky.