The Sinking City - Open-world, Lovecraft, investigations

From Frogware, makers of the Sherlock Holmes games.

After turning 15 years old, and many adventures, the team at the studio made the decision to do games differently.

We believe that the tools available to create today’s games, along with our experience and our will to innovate as we did with Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments, should bring us to do bigger games, deeper games.

It’s bigger than what we’ve ever made and we feel it’s the right next step for us, bringing the investigations to be free and opened in the city. We also believe that Lovecraft universe, Cthulhu Mythos is the right setting for the game.

The Lovecraft/Cthulhu setting has been dear to us for years. In 2016, we’ll celebrate the 10 years of Sherlock Holmes the Awakened, a Sherlockian/Lovecraftian adventure, a game that was seen as a milestone in narrative adventure gaming back then.

I’m in. Could be really great.

Interesting. Let’s see what they plan on the gameplay.

I would be very interested in this. I love the setting. Here is the link:

I just wish Frogwares could put together a story like TellTale or Don’tNod can. Admittedly, I haven’t played their most recent Sherlock Holmes games. Are they much better than The Awakened?

I thought Crimes and Punishments was surprisingly excellent, and benefited from having a collection of shorter, unrelated mysteries rather than trying to tie everything together into a larger plot. One of the better adventure games I’ve played recently.

Crimes and Punishments was pretty good. Technically, it was solid, and the way the stories played out was effective. My only issue with Crimes and Punishments was the normal adventure game stuff that I’m not necessarily a fan of. Still, Lovecraft and open world? I’m in.

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This sounds fantastic! I’m a huge fan of Frogware’s Sherlock games, I have no doubt this will be right up my alley.

So this is a shmup?


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Seems I missed a few videos…

Releases March 21st.

That last video showing off the investigative mechanics was pretty good. I’m hopeful this will be a much stronger Cthulhu game than the one that shipped last year.

Wow, this looks great! I love the idea of a mystery game that doesn’t hold us by the hand.

Loved the part where they reference the “creepy Watson” meme.

(For those unfamiliar with it. In an earlier Holmes game of theirs Watson always managed to teleport right behind you everytime you let him out your sight, no matter where he was standing before.

Confirmed to release on June 27.

Welp… timed EPIC store exclusive apparently…

We’ve agreed to partner with Epic Games to distribute The Sinking City on PC exclusively through the Epic Games store for at least 1 year after release . Both physical and digital copies of the game will require the player to download and install the free Epic Games store client in order to access the game.

I like how the developer site and the game site itself still link to Steam and have Steam logos. Zero mention of the Epic store.

Cracks me up that the devs have to go to the Steam forums to deliver the message… Because that is where the customers reside.