The Sinking City - Open-world, Lovecraft, investigations

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Nacon BigBen sounds super ultra mega duper hyper scummy.

Since Frogwares is selling a “DRM free” copy of The Sinking City on their website, and since the game is half off right now, I decided to buy the Deluxe Edition for $32.49.

I have my doubts about it being DRM free however, as it is not as simple as downloading a file (or files) and then archiving it for later. This is nothing like buying a game from GOG, and I’m thinking I should have waited for it to show up at GOG, but that sounds like it could be many months away.

Holy cow, what a rigamarole. I first had to verify the amount of a temporary charge to my credit card by going to my credit card’s website, finding the exact amount they charged, and then entering that in like a kind of code verification. Then I had to download a Frogwares Launcher, then log in to it with Facebook, then check my email to get the game’s verification code, and copy/paste that in to the launcher for it to actually start downloading. Only they didn’t call it a download. It was called an install, and the game downloaded and installed all in one shot. This is the most convoluted DRM free scheme I’ve ever experienced, and I have no idea if I can even archive the game for future installs, or if I have to always do it through their launcher and use an activation code each time.

On the positive side, the download and install were quite fast.

And it has a Steam store page again!

Error is one of my favorite genres