The Smoking Gun - Super Pricks

Dropping the dirt on Madonna, what Jennifer Lopez demands in her dressing room - that stuff is fair game. Those are people out there acting like pricks who could use getting knocked down.

But the jerks at TSMG have decided to post the personal information of the cubs fan who may or may not interfered with the play yesterday. That guy didn’t go to the park and say I am going to f’ the cubs. He came as a fan and in the heat of the moment reacted as most of us would have, he made a mistake, but if you look at the pics, he was hardly alone, everyone reacted poorly.

After that, the cubs brought it on themselves. And this guy took crap. And he is going to keep taking crap from everyone around him, anyone who recognizes him. This guy has to feel like crap, he looks like a giant cubs fan and he kinda helped cost them the game. I am sure he is tearing himself up inside and doesn’t need any more crap.

For the smoking gun to post his personal information was plain out malicous, they posted they tried to contact him but were unable to reach him - a non-story, but to prove how cool they are, they still felt the need to publish his name. They attacked an average guy who showed up. He didn’t deserve this. The smoking gun sucks for having done it.

I called their offices and their editor William Bastone answered the phone, while talking with him, I used the word “prickish” and he had a hissy fit. Seems young William wanted to contact his mommy and let her know I used a naughty word. Well too bad, because he is a thin skinned prick.


What a shithead. Maybe you could pull OMM out of retirement so you can post Bastone’s personal details.

Then he can call you up and call you a prick.

Of course, the likelyhood of him having his house fire-bombed is a lot less than that poor Cubs fan.

Okay, the Feel Good World Series Baseball Story just WENT TO HELL.
Sox == Thugs
Yankees == Yay, Yankees for the 400th time
Marlins == Entire Team to be Sold Off if they win
Cubs == Way to Pass the Buck

If some crazed Cubs fan kills this guy after they lose tonight, I sure hope the family sues the bejeezus out of TSG…


Scratch that. From what I can gather the “Cubs” are a baseball team. The batter hit a ball and it landed close to a fan who tried to grab it but interfered with the fielder who was trying to grab the ball and through it back to the bases.

The Fan was then named by a local newspaper for a lynching.

LOL! Sports fans.

What is really stupid about blaming this fan - as I recall (and I’ve been down with the Killer Flu this week, so my memory is suspect) after the fan made his move, the Cubbies’ shortstop completely blew a routine big-hop double play ball that would have ended the inning and probably preserved the win. If you want to blame anyone, blame the pro - you couldn’t have fungoed an easier DP ball than that one.